Release Date
November 2, 2001
Pete Docter
David Silverman
Lee Unkrich
Pete Docter
Jill Cullton
Jeff Pidgeon
Ralph Eggleston
Produced By
Walt Disney Pictures
Pixar Animation Studios
$115 million
Animation, Adventure, Comedy, Family, Fantasy
Rated G
92 minutes

Monsters, Inc.

With an original cast of characters, a completely unique plot, and spot-on animation, “Monsters, Inc.” continues Pixar’s solid run of computer animated feature films with yet another classic adventure that is perfect for all ages. Children love this film for the bumbling hairy monsters and constant physical humor. Adults love the film for Billy Crystal’s special brand of comedic performance, the picturesque settings, and the camaraderie between Sully and Mike while they try to get the little girl back through her closet door before any of the other monsters find out. Sure, very few films will ever live up to “Toy Story”, but Pixar proves that they are the best in the business, not just with animation but with storytelling and character development as well.


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