Release Date
March 8, 2013
Various Directors
Various Screenwriters
Distributed By
Magnet Releasing
Comedy, Horror
Rated NR
123 minutes

The ABC’s Of Death

“The ABCs of Death” continues the multiple director, horror anthology trend that is developing and presents 26 shorts directed by 26 different filmmakers, depicting a death for each letter of the alphabet. The fun of the shorts is trying to determine what the death will be, knowing the letter but nothing else until the end, when the title of the piece is revealed.

Most of the shorts are gruesome and bordering on torture porn (“P is for Pressure”), while some are just baffling and incoherent (“W is for WTF”). But there are a few shorts that rank very highly on both a horror and film-making playing field, with “D is for Dogfight” remaining one of the most well made shorts of the bunch. Containing a mixture of comedic, animated, otherworldly, and overal artistic representations, “The ABCs of Death” is still a positive step in bringing unknown filmmakers to a higher level while also bringing in (now) well knowns like Ti West (whose short is rather simple).


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