TheCall-poster For being a thriller about a 911 operator sitting in a chair, “The Call” actually builds enough suspense to keep the audience involved. Halle Berry comes off a tad out of place in her starring role, still the highlight of the film but never able to carry it beyond what it actually is. However horrid I was picturing this film to be, I was pleasantly surprised to find it reach the annals of “alright”.
IncredibleBurtWonderstone-poster Had Will Ferrell taken the leading role instead of Steve Carell, this would have been a much more tolerable film. Jim Carey steals the show in this one. His return to physical comedy is what makes this film one of Carey’s best performances to come out of the last decade or so. Never overly funny, never completely lacking, this film falls smack in the middle of mediocrity.

3G-poster Now we’re getting Bollywood horror films about killer phone calls. Made it through most of this trailer, so I guess that’s a step forward in my continued lack-of-understanding Bollywood films. Truth be told, I will eventually have to seek out someone to explain these to me.
Blancanieves-poster Silent and black-and-white, I will pass on this retelling of the fairy tale Snow White, which includes bull fighting. I applaud the continued use of black-and-white and the silent film, but it will now take a lot for me to venture out to see any film that does such. PASS
FromUpOnPoppyHill-poster Miyazaki is an acquired taste, with previous titles like “Spirited Away” and “Howl’s Moving Castle”, but for one thing, he is an Academy Award winning director, so his merit cannot be denied. That and “From Up On Poppy Hill” looks slightly more relaxed than most of his films, which may just be the stepping stone I need into that world.


GingerAndRosa-poster2 Had “Beautiful Creatures” not come out yet, the introducing of Alice Englert would perhaps be a bit more prominent. Instead, she follows behind the rising super star that is Elle Fanning, one of my favorite young actresses. Alessandro Nivola is also a quiet favorite of mine and Christina Hendricks is branching out far and wide for her sincere roles outside of “Mad Men”. This dramatic film, “Ginger & Rosa” is a 60’s film that might just launch Fanning to independent movie history.
IfIWereYou-poster Apparently Marcia Gay Harden is an Academy Award winning actress for her 2000 role in “Pollock”. That being said, “If I Were You” actually looks slightly funny and I might have to give it a chance.


K-11-poster What is this film? A thriller about the gay and transgendered wing of a Los Angeles prison where a drag queen rules all? Not sure what makes certain people make certain films, but this is beyond bewildering.
TheKitchen-poster Laure Prepon is wonderful, Dreama Walker is stunningly gorgeous, and Matt Bush has earned my respect in his previous independent work, so “The Kitchen” is a no brainer. I will definitely be seeing this film.
MindlessBehavior-poster Before this film and their debut at the AMC City Walk, I had never even heard of this band (the same can be said for One Direction, however). But since this is just the flavor of the month and I have absolutely no interest in them or any other boy band, I will gladly pass on seeing this documentary/travel log about them. PASS
MyAmityvilleHorror-poster Hearing people talk about actual hauntings and demonic possessions that you only catch in horror films is a passion of mine. Whether they are true or not, the evidence they put together to justify these occurrences are what gives me the glimpse into what could be the “other side”. Since this particular haunting inspired a series of horror films, I am even more inclined to check it out.


Reality-poster There’s something about dark comedies that I adore. “Reality” is one of those films that has a skewed sense of humor that will probably end up making me love it. The film is about a man’s sudden obsession with becoming a contestant on the reality show “Big Brother” and the film is compared to Scorsese’s “The King Of Comedy”, starring Robert De Niro. By the end of the trailer, I have the feeling I will eventually need to see this film.


Reincarnated-poster I can’t say I will never see this, because Snoop Dogg is an interesting character and his decision to quit rapping is intriguing, so the fact that they caught that journey in this documentary is astounding and marks a shift in one man’s life from rap super stardom to the quiet life of Rastafari in Jamaica.


SpringBreakers-poster “Spring Breakers” is far from perfect, but it does display enough potential in director Harmony Korine to lead to bigger and better things, the likes we’ve seen from many up-and-coming directors, specifically the recent rise of director Nicolas Winding Refn. Ashley Benson, Vanessa Hudgens, and Selena Gomez all take huge steps out of their comfort zones and rebrand themselves.
UpsideDown-poster Often overcomplicated and drawn out, “Upside Down” is ambitious from the start, but loses ground when it tries too hard to be futuristic and different. The cinematography is outstanding, resembling that of Terrence Malick’s work, with stunning, vast landscapes, and a visual effects presence that is much needed in this science fiction interpretation. “Upside Down” straddles the borders between an above average fantasy piece and a nonsensical substandard sci-fi flick.


  • The Call
  • The Incredible Burt Wonderstone
  • Spring Breakers
  • Upside Down


  • Ginger & Rosa
  • The Kitchen


  • My Amityville Horror


  • Reality


  • From Up On Poppy Hill
  • If I Were You


  • 3G: Killer Connection
  • Blancanieves
  • K-11
  • Mindless Behavior: All Around The World
  • Reincarnated


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