42 || April 12th, 2013

42-poster “42” is a phenomenal sports film about Jackie Robinson, a legend not only in baseball, but in life, however, the film does not reach much further than that. Going into the film, it reeked of Academy Award potential, with strong performances and a diligent message. However, Helgeland makes some poignant decisions that leave the film missing that special something to make it an Oscar contender. It has universal appeal for all ages and though it will never have an Oscar nomination attached to it, it will sill live on.
IntoTheWhite-poster Had “Into The White” either found a more noteworthy cast or put forward some impressive production quality, I would be completely on board for this film, set during World War II and pitting three Nazi pilots against two Brits in the middle of the Arctic wilderness. However, Rupert Grint isn’t a selling point unless there’s a Harry Potter attached to the title of the film and no one else is recognizable.
ScaryMovie5-poster2 As much as I’d care not to admit it, I’ve seen all of the previous “Scary Movie” films and even though this looks like the most juvenile addition of them all, I will still probably end up seeing it, just to gauge how bad it really is. The jokes looks 100% childish, more for a PG rated film than for a R rated comedy, and Simon Rex is about the worst actor I’ve ever seen in my entire life. 25% MAYBE
ToTheWonder-poster Meditative and reflective, “To The Wonder” is an ethereal glimpse at the emotions of love as perceived by director Terence Malick. Described by one patron as “over two hours of leaves blowing in the wind”, Malick’s latest is much more down to earth than “The Tree Of Life”, but still relies heavily on strong earthly ties like flowers and water. As with most of Malick’s body of work, “To The Wonder” is definitely not for everyone but is a much lighter experience than some of his previous films.

TheAngelsShare-poster I passed on this film a year ago (June 1st) but apparently that was the foreign release. Now it has come to America to get passed on. Here was my previous problem with it: “The Angels’ Share is missing that thread of plot that keeps the story flowing smoothly. Instead, there are just several bad ideas crammed together, all centered around a wine tasting event. What comes off like an underdog story with no real goal insight, this film fails to garner any of my interest.”
Antiviral-poster Brandon Cronenberg, son of David Cronenberg, steps forward with his first feature film, a horror film about the desire of celebritism and the disasters that can come from wanting to change too much. There’s a complexity and artistic nature to this film that draws me to it, and if I come across it I will see it, since I respect David Cronenberg’s work and Sarah Gadon is on my radar as far as actresses are concerned.
Disconnect-poster First things first, you use AWOLNation in your trailer and you’ve already peaked my interest. It’s funny how much attention “Sail” has gotten recently having been out for quite some time. Starring an ensemble cast, including Jason Bateman, Paula Patton, Andrea Riseborough, and Max Theroit, this interconnected plot feels a lot like a version of “Crash” involving the internet. I am looking forward to seeing this and hope it’s as good as its marketing. RENTAL
FistsOfLegend-poster Is this a reality show competition in a film? Or a scripted narrative? I have no idea, the 30 second trailer gives me nothing, and the description confuses me even slightly more than the visuals. I’m feeling several different things, but will simply say “PASS” just to put things lightly. PASS
ItsADisaster-poster Sorry to say it but “In The Hall Of The Mountain King” is slightly played out. Especially in Indie comedy trailers like this one. The main selling point of this would be Julie Stiles, not so much David Cross. Set around a brunch with a group of friends, this reminds me of the tone “Carnage” was going for and with bigger stars and better premise, “It’s A Disaster” loses me. PASS
LotusEaters-poster Sorry bro, but 3:30 is much to long to keep my attention, especially for an Indie trailer, especially for something in black-and-white, especially for something with absolutely no one I know, with the same, depressing song playing throughout. You lost me within twenty seconds, but good thing you still cut in those extra three minutes and ten seconds, they really did you a lot of good.
NotToday-poster Good thing we’re focusing on one little girl when there are thousands of the same right behind her. “Not Today” may carry a valiant message or try to, but it does so with melodrama and nothing of interest.


  • 42
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  • Disconnect




  • Antiviral
  • Scary Movie V


  • Angels’ Share
  • Fists Of Legend
  • Into The White
  • It’s A Disaster
  • Lotus Eaters
  • Not Today


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