OBLIVION || April 19th, 2013

Oblivion-poster Captivating in all the right ways, “Oblivion” delivers strong, well tread science fiction staples in a new and visually enthralling way with a competent high level Hollywood star in Tom Cruise. The set pieces alone make this a must-see, producing a post-apocalyptic backdrop that rivals any previous endeavor. Add to that a strong script that plays its twists close to the chest, grandiose and gorgeous cinematography from Academy Award-winning Claudio Miranda, and a score from the band M83, and “Oblivion” becomes not only the first big blockbuster of the year, but a strong contender for best science fiction film of the year. Similar to the impact that last year’s “Looper” had on me, “Oblivion” will definitely land on my top 10 of the year list.

AintInItForMyHeart-poster Our continuation of making documentaries about every historical figure continues with Levon Helm, the drummer for The Band, most popular in the 60’s. While I am positive he’s an interesting man, there’s not enough here for me to be excited about.
DeceptivePractice-poster Two in a row! Although, magic does interest me, so I’d be more likely to see this documentary about magician Ricky Jay, but I still do not see myself taking the time to sit down and see it. PASS
“Errors of the Human Body” is slightly too generic and average for me to consider watching it. If it had someone better known than Michael Eklund as the lead, than perhaps we could begin to toy with the idea, but I’m afraid there’s nothing in this trailer that grabs me.
FillyBrown-poster Even though this film was a Sundance Selection, I have absolutely desire to see it. It feels like a female, Hispanic version of “8 Mile” with an untalented singer with nothing original about it. The comedy isn’t funny, I’m not inspired, and the poster makes “Filly Brown” look like a member of the animated group “Gorillaz”.
HermansHouse-poster With “Herman’s House”, I am mainly interested in why this New York artist picked this particular solitary confined inmate over any others. Their relationship is never really touched on in the trailer and this film of letters and phone calls between the two does have a hint of intrigue. 25% MAYBE
HollaII-poster Right off the bat, I wrote this film off, because it looks poorly produced and mocks the slasher genre, but looking into the original “Holla” from 2006, I see that it almost like the bargain basement version of “Scream” in which it magnifies the sexy, gory nature of slasher films. “Holla II” doesn’t look watchable by any means, but I can appreciate the eye-roll inducing moments a bit more. PASS
HomeRun-poster “Home Run” is either trying extremely hard to be a Nicholas Sparks adaptation or is a heavy Christian values film about redemption. Either way, I’m afraid I’ll have to pass, despite the trailer actually doing a pretty good job of selling the film and it’s uplifting premise. PASS
InTheHouse-poster Whoever made this trailer, made “In The House” look good. Whether it is or isn’t fits no purpose as the marketing has already turned what could be a completely mild drama into a provocative and risque endeavor.
TheLordsOfSalem-poster There’s a part of me that always wants to give Rob Zombie’s horror films a chance because I love the genre and feel like he’s an extremely creative person, but “The Lords Of Salem” looks almost to strange to enjoy. There’s a miniscule chance I’ll see it just to see it, but for now I’m going to have to say pass.
LoveSickLove-poster Fatal attraction films have been slightly over played as of late and “Love Sick Love”, though somewhat twisted, is a little too crazy Independent to enjoy.


  • Oblivion


  • In The House




  • Herman’s House


  • Ain’t In It For Your Health: A Film About Levon Helm
  • Deceptive Practice: The Mysteries and Mentors of Ricky Jay
  • Errors Of The Human Body
  • Filly Brown
  • Holla II
  • Home Run
  • The Lords Of Salem
  • Love Sick Love


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