APRIL 23RD, 2013

A HAUNTED HOUSE // “A Haunted House” is on a borderline. While it is mostly not funny or even creative, it is actually better than the upcoming sequel to the “Scary Movie” franchise, which almost comes off rated PG. The least that can be said for “A Haunted House” is that is embraces its R rating. However, overall, this film is just not funny. We are served with caricatures and stereotypes of every denomination, from racist rednecks, to homosexuals, to angry black thugs. The film struggles for laughs and to put things into perspective, I only laughed once, when Marlon Wayans and Essence Atkins attempt to ignore the ghost as it acts like child starving for attention. That sequence of events, I will admit, was hilarious, but to put up with 86 minutes of film for a one minute portion that is funny, just doesn’t scream efficiency. I also wonder where Essence Atkins came from and why she was the choice for leading actress in this film, with no star quality and very poor screen presence. Chances are we will not be seeing her around except for spoof movies, and we can only pray that there isn’t enough left to spoof to bring on a sequel.


GANGSTER SQUAD // Everything it was promised to be, “Gangster Squad” places a brilliant cast into a crime-covered 1949 Los Angeles, with the appropriate motivation to take out Mickey Cohen and with the action and swift moves to follow, delivers one of the best old-town Los Angeles action films to date. Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone steal the show with their old-fashioned romance, Gosling continuing to prove that he can do no wrong and Stone revealing her knack for old-fashioned beauty. Sean Penn also delivers epicly as the mob boss, Mickey Cohen, with sharp dialogue that resonates throughout the film and the boxing moves to sell his sorted past. The rest of the cast falls in nicely as well, with Josh Brolin, Nick Nolte, and Giovanni Ribisi all doing their part to keep the film flowing. Director Ruben Fleischer rarely misses a beat with “Gangster Squad” and despite it’s poor press, it will likely find a place in a year from now, on my Top 10 list of 2013. The only thing that could sour me on this film would be to not include the theater shooting cut on the Blu-Ray/DVD.


THE IMPOSSIBLE // One of the most powerful “based on a true story” films I have ever seen, “The Impossible” not only depicts an actual natural disaster with the brilliance and detail of the actual cataclysmic event, but does so in an emotionally engaging and entertaining way. Ewan McGregor and Naomi Watts both take their turns carrying the film and both display the deep emotion of necessary to draw sincere reactions from the audience. The child actors are also impressive, drawing up intense emotion that goes beyond simple point and shoot mentalities, showing the sign of a truly talented director. The visuals are breath-taking, the emotions are taut, and overall, the film becomes to real and immense, that it is sometimes hard to endure. However, the revelations and peaks of the film are worth holding on for.

New Releases
Any Day Now
The Central Park Five
Gangster Squad
Happy People: A Year in the Taiga
A Haunted House
The Impossible
Promised Land (2012)
Wuthering Heights (2011)

TV Box Set

  • A Haunting: Season Five
  • Iron Man – Armored Adventures: Season Two
  • Masterpiece Classic: Mr. Selfridge
  • Maverick: Season Two
  • The Restless Gun: The Complete Series
  • Touched by an Angel: Season Seven

Special Editions/Other Releases

  • Ai No Kusabi: The Space Between
  • Bloodsucking Vampire Freaks
  • Cannibal Possession: Heart of Ice
  • Cold Prey II
  • Dark Passions Of A Sexual Serial Killer
  • Deep Dark Canyon
  • The Exhibitionists
  • Family Weekend
  • Federal Agents Vs. Underworld, Inc.
  • G-Dog
  • Games Of Assassins: White Swan
  • God’s Country
  • Gothkill: The Soul Collector
  • Grapes of Death
  • Hakuoki Ova Collection
  • Jesus, The Daughter Of God
  • Journey to Jamaa
  • Laurel and Hardy in 3D
  • Marvel Knights: InHumans
  • Mistress Of The Apes
  • Mixed Kebab
  • Night of the Hunted
  • Part Time Fabulous
  • Pierre Etaix: Criterion
  • Psychic Detective Yakumo: Complete Collection
  • Richard III: Criterion
  • Secret Love
  • A Tale Of Legendary Libido
  • Thale
  • Tierra Madre
  • Trashology
  • Ultimate Zombie Feast 2
  • The Wanderers

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