Release Date
June 14, 2013
Zack Synder
David S. Goyer
Christopher Nolan (Story By)
Distributed By
Warner Bros. Pictures
$225 million
Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Science Fiction
Rated PG-13 for intense sequences of sci-fi violence, action and destruction, and for some language
143 minutes

Man Of Steel

Coming from someone who could have given a shit less about Superman as a character, “Man Of Steel” is the best re-envisioning of the iconic superhero that you could ask for. For starters, having Christopher Nolan’s name on the film as writer and producer sells this hard. With “The Dark Knight” trilogy in his pocket, there’s literally nothing he can’t put his name on and instantly make me more intrigued because of my faith in him. Zack Snyder also proves naysayers wrong by knocking this film out of the park.

Henry Cavill brings a darker, more natural approach to old Clark Kent and his chiseled jaw along with heartwarming smile, creates the perfect version of this hero. Michael Shannon as the villain Zod is also one of the major selling points for me, as Shannon is a brilliant actor with very little character work. “Man Of Steel” allows him to create this amazing persona and he delivers one of the most memorable villain performances in recent memory. The visual effects are stunning but at sometimes erratic, becoming too much at times.

My major issue with Superman, and his race, is that they’re almost impossible to kill, which means their hand to hand combat sequences mean very little to me, because, ultimately, what are they hoping to do. There’s never a way to take advantage of your opponent’s weakness if they have no weaknesses, which makes the fight sequences in “Man Of Steel” never ending. Snyder handles this about as well as he can, relying on visual effects and amazing sound design to bring these moments to life, but in the end, what’s the end goal?

The structure of how the story is told also helps this film immensely, not just playing chronologically, but skipping around the timeline and revealing little moments from Clark’s past when it becomes relevant. Although I questioned whether it was possible, Nolan and Snyder have gotten me excited for a possible “Justice League” movie if they can in fact recreate the grandness of “Man Of Steel.”


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