MAN OF STEEL || June 14th, 2013

ManOfSteel-poster Coming from someone who could have given a shit less about Superman as a character, “Man Of Steel” is the best re-envisioning of the iconic superhero that you could ask for. For starters, having Christopher Nolan’s name on the film as writer and producer sells this hard. With “The Dark Knight” trilogy in his pocket, there’s literally nothing he can’t put his name on and instantly make me more intrigued because of my faith in him. Zack Snyder also proves naysayers wrong by knocking this film out of the park.
ThisIsTheEnd-poster By far one of the purest forms of comedy in recent memory, “This Is The End” takes a large concept like the Apocalypse and delves into the hilarious relationship between celebrity friends who are just trying to survive under one roof during the end times. Having all the actors play themselves is genius, creating a meta world where these actors are playing hyper-stylized versions of themselves. The film is packed, from start to finish, with laugh after laugh, rarely losing steam.

20FeetFromStardom-poster What a great trailer! “20 Feet From Stardom” takes a look at the life of the back-up singer and their trials and tribulations stepping onto the stage. I really enjoy the interviews with these women and the rockstars around them, but as for actually sitting down and watching this film, I probably won’t. PASS
BerberianSoundStudio-poster2 On the one hand, I enjoy Tobey Jones and horror films, plus “Berberian Sound Studio” looks completely messed up at points. Plus when you say this feels like early Lynch and Polanski, you peak my interest. But on the other hand, the concept of this film feels far too trippy and disorienting to get excited about and I feel like it may take me awhile to see this if I do. I passed on this once before, but I’m moving it up one notch. 25% MAYBE
TheBlingRing-poster Sofia Coppola makes a statement with “The Bling Ring” that brings to light our obsession with celebrities and the warped minds of some young people in Los Angeles who break into celebrity homes and steal their high-end fashion and stashed money. Based on a true story, the film chronicles the development of their descent as they steal more and more until finally getting caught. With little substance and a lazy eye for new and innovative ways to tell this story, the film falls a bit flat.
CallMeKuchu-poster “Call Me Kuchu” looks like a powerful documentary about the emergence of homosexuality in Uganda and their uphill battle to be accepted or at the very least not hanged. With such strong and controversial subject matter, this film could easily show up during the Oscars next year, in which case I will watch it, but until then, I will pass. PASS
TheGuillotines-poster Is it just me, or do all these kung-fu films look exactly the same? More in the vein of “The Man With The Iron Fists”, “The Guillotines” brings in more of a steampunk feel to the genre with weapons and armor far beyond the age that it’s set in. Unfortunately, kung-fu films are often out of my wheelhouse of enjoyment. PASS
Hatchet3-poster Who knew we needed three of these films? “Hatchet” came out in 2006 and the follow-up, “Hatchet II” in 2010. Now, the third (and final?) film in the trilogy is available. What looks to be a gore-fest starring Kane Hodder, best known as Jason Voorhees, brings gore, comedy, and horror into one film. I’m slightly intrigued, seeing as I love the horror genre, but this might just be too much. Perhaps I’ll see the first film and decide whether it’s worth continuing. 25% MAYBE
InTheFog-poster Were “In The Fog” to become available, I might not be able to pass it up. It looks to be a strong, foreign film set in German occupied USSR where a man that was set free, returns to face his sentence. The quality of the film looks strong, the performances look strong, and I may just have to give this a chance.
MoreThanHoney-poster Great documentary or not, I am not sure I would handle an entire film about bees, simply for the fact that they freak me out. Especially in an up close and personal look at them for extended periods of time. I do want to learn about the extinction of bees, but there are other ways to do so, I feel.
NationalTheatreLiveTheAudience-poster Helen Mirren reprises her role as Queen Elizabeth in this stage play titled “The Audience”. Mirren won an Academy Award for her performance in “The Queen”, so it is no surprise that she returns to the role, but a filmed stage play just feels awkward and strange.
PandorasPromise-poster Global impact documentaries often intrigue me, offering solutions I may never have imagined. “Pandora’s Promise” takes an extremely interesting standpoint on nuclear power perhaps offering the solution we need to help control the world’s climate and energy consumption despite it’s negative connotations.
TheStrollerStrategy-poster “The Stroller Strategy” is actually a comedic foreign film I could see myself watching if I came across it. There’s a strong comedic sense to the film and even though it’s your typical romantic comedy storyline, my interest is peaked enough to likely give this a chance.
StuckInLove-poster The first independent incantation of “Crazy, Stupid, Love”, “Stuck In Love” takes Steve Carell’s co-star in “Little Miss Sunshine”, Greg Kinnear and places him in a similar role. With Lily Collins, Logan Lerman, Jennifer Connolly, and Kristen Bell, this is one of the first films starring Kinnear that I actually really want to see.
Vehicle19-poster As much as I often enjoy Paul Walker, “Vehicle 19” does not look that enjoyable. With a tired plot and a Jason Statham looking action film, there’s just far better films out there right now to spend time watching this one.


  • The Bling Ring
  • Man Of Steel
  • This Is The End


  • Stuck In Love




  • Berberian Sound Studio
  • Hatchet III
  • Pandora’s Promise
  • The Stroller Strategy


  • 20 Feet From Stardom
  • Call Me Kuchu
  • The Guillotines
  • More Than Honey
  • National Theater Live: The Audience
  • Vehicle 19


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