Release Date
June 21, 2013
Marc Forster
Matt Carnahan
Drew Goddard
Damon Lindelof
J. Michael Straczynski (Story By)
Based On The Novel By
Max Brooks
Distributed By
Paramount Pictures
$190 million
Action, Adventure, Horror, Science Fiction, Thriller
Rated PG-13 for intense frightening zombie sequences, violence and disturbing images
116 minutes

World War Z

“World War Z” reaches beyond the run-of-the-mill Hollywood blockbuster and delivers a smart, thrilling, and often impressive zombie film. Led by Brad Pitt in one of his most genuine performances yet, the progression of the plot in this loose adaptation of Max Brooks’ novel of the same title, benefits all the characters involved, getting the most out of each performance and breaking stereotypical roles, like the helpless woman or the trigger happy Army recruit. Mireille Enos stands strong as the pillar of the Lane family and proves yet again her future in front of the camera is strong. With an entertaining and often horror-based feel, this film, at almost two hours, is over before you know it, where it easily could have been three hours and would have still kept my attention.

Although it’s argued whether the portrayal of these zombies is correct or not, seeing as they are infected with a rabies-like demeanor and are more interested in spreading than devouring, their fast-paced and animalistic nature help to keep the tension in this film as tight as can be, providing the motivation to run, jump, and kill as quickly as possible. There’s a dark humor laced throughout the film, with moments like someone slipping and shooting themselves or the chattering teeth of a stalking zombie, on top of an already smart production, with the “loop-hole” for escaping the zombies remaining very well cryptic until the “ah-ha” moment. “World War Z” could have easily been a mindless action thriller, but instead, Marc Forster has a gentle touch with the subject that makes this film a surprise hit of the summer.



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