THE LONE RANGER || July 5th, 2013

DespicableMe2-poster Having not been a huge fan of the original, I cannot say I will be lined up to see “Despicable Me 2”. Down to the soundtrack, I did not really enjoy the first film and since I have no kids and really am not invested in the minions, there’s not much here for me despite seeing it because I see most big releases at some point.
KevinHartLetMeExplain-poster Not necessarily a huge fan of Kevin Hart’s, he is still funny enough for me to possibly devote some time to watching his stand-up. I’m not sure why films like this get a national release or which comedians get that right, but of all the comedians out there, I’m still wondering, why Kevin Hart?
TheLoneRanger-poster Overly long and tonally challenged, “The Lone Ranger” is still a visually stunning and eloquent Western that just suffers from emotional shifts and a run time of almost three hours. Overall, this was not quite up to “Pirates of the Caribbean” standards, but with a strong score from Hans Zimmer, a darker side to the world of Westerns, and enough emotional arcs to keep you invested, “The Lone Ranger” is still a summer success in my book.
TheWayWayBack-poster If there’s one thing we’ve learned from both “The Descendants” and now “The Way Way Back”, it’s that Nat Faxon and Jim Rash know their shit. Sam Rockwell produces one of the most entertaining and thoughtful performance not just of the year, but of his career, making this role his own and dominating the screen with every turn of phrase. “The Way Way Back” is an example of a film you wish would just go on forever.

Absence-poster Definitely reaching beyond it’s small stature, “Absence” achieves in gaining my interest with a simple horror plot and some potentially intriguing horror sequences. With a nobody cast and the use of found footage, I am usually turned off but there’s something about this film that grabs my attention.
BestFriendsForever-poster So here’s the deal, I’ve had a thing for Brea Grant ever since she was on “Heroes”. Now she has written, directed, and starred in this post-apocalyptic buddy comedy titled “Best Friends Forever”. Although it’s not the greatest looking film, I still might see it for her.
BigStar-poster A growing trend in documentaries, apart from telling the story of every noteworthy figure that ever lived, is telling the story of bands from the past. “Big Star: Nothing Can Hurt Me” is yet another one of those films however it takes absolutely zero stride in being anything different and lost my interest within the first few seconds of the trailer. PASS
AGirlAndAGun-poster I got out of this trailer all I really needed to get from the film. “A Girl and A Gun” is a documentary about the growing trend of females buying guns and what comes with that, but as it’s not interesting enough to pull me and since it is more geared to females, the trailer is sufficient enough for me. PASS
HammerOfTheGods-poster Is it just me or is there a lot of yelling in the trailer for “Hammer of the Gods”? Set in Vikings time, this looks like a low budget rendition of “Game of Thrones” with a recycled adventure of finding a brother to bring him home. PASS
JustLikeAWoman-poster A little too female oriented, a little to melodramatic, “Just Like A Woman” is even a little too uplifting for me. Sienna Miller is a gorgeous actress but not even she is enough to make this film look enjoyable.


  • The Lone Ranger
  • The Way Way Back




  • Absence


  • Best Friends Forever
  • Despicable Me 2
  • Kevin Hart: Let Me Explain


  • Big Star: Nothing Can Hurt Me
  • A Girl and A Gun
  • The Hammer Of The Gods
  • Just Like A Woman


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