WE’RE THE MILLERS || August 9th, 2013

Elysium-poster Following a retreaded story structure, “Elysium” sticks out as a strong science fiction action film for its impressive visuals, more-so over its ability to tell a captivating story, however, the strong allusions to unbalanced socio-economical classes and unequal distribution of wealth help differentiate it from similar sci-fi flicks. “Elysium” has amazingly striking visuals with half the effects crew, which is entirely impressive to say the least. Neill Blomkamp proves wonders with his sophomore endeavor, giving piece of mind to those that questioned whether he could knock it out of the park twice in a row.
IGiveItAYear-poster “I Give It A Year” looks hilarious. Touted as being the writer of “Borat”, from the second this trailer starts, I was laughing, and I laughed several times more, which is quite rare for me with any comedy trailers. Normally skeptical when it comes to British comedies, have a strong cast in Rose Bryne, Anna Faris, and especially Steven Merchant, I need to see this film.
PercyJacksonSeaOfMonster-poster Since I saw the original “Percy Jackson” and somewhat enjoyed it, I feel I need to give this one at least a chance. Also, Nathan Fillion’s involvement makes the edges of a teenage action adventure slightly more bearable, as well as the gorgeous Alexandra Daddario.
Planes-poster Both from what I’ve heard and what I’ve seen, “Planes” is not a film I ever need to see, which slightly saddens me, because it has the Disney name on it, but it feels cheaper. Seeing at it was supposed to be a straight-to-DVD release, I’m a little upset that it wasn’t and now my list of being able to see every since Disney movie will be tarnished unless I take one for the team and see this horrible excuse for a children’s film.
PrinceAvalanche-poster David Gordon Green returns to form with this dark comedy “Prince Avalanche” and with two huge stars like Paul Rudd and Emile Hersch playing roles we normally don’t see them in, there’s absolutely no reason not to see this film.
WereTheMillers-poster “We’re The Millers” seems to be getting a lot of attention. Perhaps it’s because Jennifer Aniston strips down to her bra and underwear and douses water on herself, or perhaps it’s actually funny. Seeing an earlier version of this film, I have to admit it is well executed and has it’s moments, making for a great summer comedy.

Blood-poster Even though the story looks fairly basic, “Blood” is stacked with actors I like to see, like lead Paul Bettany along with Mark Strong and Brian Cox. Bettany has carried films before and the sheer emotion in this trailer has my interest peaked.
GoodSon-poster As interesting as the trailer makes it seem, “The Good Son” does not seem like a subject matter that I would be very interested in. Interviewing celebrities like Mickey Rourke and Ed O’Neil about the boxer Ray Mancini, and following the legacy that this boxer has left behind, there’s enough going for this film to make it interesting, it’s simply that I just have no interest.
InAWorld-poster Lake Bell doesn’t show up in many films these days and when she does, she’s usually a supporting character, but now she steps into not only the lead actress role, but also the writer and director roles as well. Taking a glimpse into the male oriented world of trailer voice overs, Bell plays a female that wants in and does her best to give the men a run for their money.
JugFace-poster “Jug Face” looks like a hokey, cheap attempt at horror… and not in a good way. With a strange plot about a cult like group that worships some clay molded jug, there’s nothing worth seeing this film for.
Lovelace-poster2 An entertaining biopic with a strong central performance from Amanda Seyfried, “Lovelace” captures the rise and fall of real-life porn star Linda Lovelace. Amanda Seyfried dominates the film, with spot-on expressions and a sexual freedom needed to nail this role. However informative “Lovelace” is, there’s a lack of distinction between tones. Partly humorous, partly sob story, this adaptation of Linda Lovelace’s story is treated more like a made-for-TV movie than an actual feature film.
MachineWhichMakesEverythingDisappear-poster With a World Cinema Competition Best Director win from Sundance, the documentary “The Machine Which Makes Everything Disappear” could have some Best Documentary potential at the Oscars. That being said, the trailer is very vague yet filled with elegant imagery and some interesting people and once you read what the documentary is about, a casting call in the country Georgia, the film starts to take on a much more interesting dynamic.
OurChildren-poster With dark undertones, “Our Children” is a powerful foreign drama about a couple that is accepted into the home of the husband’s adoptive father and given whatever they want. When they decide it’s time to move on, the father threatens their way of living, forcing them to stay with him by fear of cutting them off. Although feeling somewhat predictable, the film does look strong in its own right.
SaturdayMorningMystery-poster Oddly enough, I might have to see low quality “Saturday Morning Mystery” just because it reminds me of Scooby Doo on crack. When four “meddling kids” go to a satanic worship house, the gore and violence that follows is something you could never see on your everyday cartoon show and for that I feel the need to at least see it for satirical purposes.
SmashAndGrab-poster A documentary about the real life diamond thieves known as pink panthers, “Smash & Grab” could be quite interesting, but the style in which it is displayed does not scream of something I need to see. Delivering certain interviews in animated style and with some very strangely worded interviews, this just doesn’t feel quite real enough for me to invest in.
WondersAreMany-poster “Wonders Are Many” follow the director and writer of this opera as he prepares to put on a controversial masterpiece. Opera is not for me. An opera about the atomic bomb probably isn’t for me. So a documentary chronicling these two things most likely isn’t for me.


  • Elysium
  • In A World…
  • Lovelace
  • Prince Avalanche
  • We’re The Millers


  • I Give It A Year
  • Percy Jackson & The Sea of Monsters


  • Blood


  • The Machine Which Makes Everything Disappear


  • Our Children
  • Saturday Morning Mystery


  • The Good Son: The Life of Ray “Boom Boom” Mancini
  • Jug Face
  • Smash & Grab: The Story of the Pink Panthers
  • Wonders Are Many


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