AUGUST 13TH, 2013

THE COMPANY YOU KEEP // Engaging and well cast, “The Company You Keep” has at least enough star power to keep the entire film interesting. Robert Redford directs and stars in this politically charged thriller, producing familiar faces around every corner and providing a template to any future inspirations to making an ensemble piece work out perfectly. Shia LaBeouf proves he can hang, yet again, in a dramatic role. His idioms provide plenty of humorous moments, but for the most part, he nails this performance and makes it his own. Brit Marling also captivates in her small role and rises above her limited exposure to produce one of the highlights of the film. The Lem Dobbs writing keeps you guessing through most of the film, and even though I figured out some of the oncoming twists well before they were acknowledged is due more to the fact that I’ve seen so many movies, rather than the twists being telegraphed. Overall, Redford proves successful in both his roles of the film and never shows signs of aging, a curse that comes for many seasoned actors of his generation.


OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN // Finally Gerard Butler steps away from the romantic comedy doldrums and into the role he was meant to play. Taking on the task of defending the White House, “Olympus Has Fallen” is the first of two Washington D.C. terrorist attack films centered around the President’s house set to release this year (“White House Down” coming this summer). And for the most part, Fuqua’s action film sets the bar high, with a stacked ensemble cast including Aaron Eckhardt, Morgan Freeman, Melissa Leo, and Dillan McDermott. The script is tight, providing plenty of tasks that are never easy, but that never take too long. Butler is a shining example of what an action hero should be, focused and smart, brash and determined. “Olympus Has Fallen” was the “Die Hard” film we were waiting for this year with enough originality and darkness to set it apart. As cheesy as the advertisements made it seem, this film rises above and produces a respectable action film.

New Releases
A Band Called Death
The Big Wedding (2013)
The Company You Keep (2013)
Detour (2013) 2-denied2
Emperor (2013)
The Guillotines 2-denied2
Hatchet III
Olympus Has Fallen
Reality (2012)
What Maisie Knew

TV Box Set

  • Combat!: Season Five
  • Doctor Who: Spearhead from Space S.E.
  • Doctor Who: The Green Death S.E.
  • Enlightened: Season Two
  • Family Ties: Season Seven
  • Girls: Season Two 
  • The Mindy Project: Season One
  • The Office: Season Nine
  • Once Upon a Time: Season Two
  • Perry Mason: Season Nine
  • Southland: Season Five 
  • Trial and Retribution: Complete Collection
  • Ultra Q: The Complete Series

Special Editions/Other Releases

  • 3 Geezers 2-denied2
  • Abominable Christmas
  • Bad Parents
  • The Calling (2013)
  • Captains Close Up
  • Cat. 8
  • Compulsion 
  • Damned (1947)
  • Deadly Swarm
  • Dear Dracula
  • Dog Pound (2010)
  • Dolls of Voodoo
  • From This Day Forward
  • I Killed My Mother
  • Lost and Found in Armenia
  • Mariachi Gringo
  • The Muppet Movie: The Nearly 35th Anniversary Edition
  • Pastor Shirley
  • Return of Joe Rich
  • Seconds: Criterion
  • Sinister Visions
  • Super Storm
  • Suzune Genesis
  • A Werewolf Boy

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