GRAVITY || October 4th, 2013

BadMilo-poster “You’ve got a thing in your butt” is the first line we hear in this satirical trailer about a creature named Milo that lives in Ken Marino’s intestines. “Bad Milo!” is a mixture between a comedy and a horror film, as Marino’s character fails to handle his daily stress at home and at work, and in return releases Milo, who murders those stressing him out. The trailer is very well done, balancing the funny and serious quite well, bringing to life this ridiculous concept.
Gravity-poster “Gravity” is the best use of 3D to date, dealing on a layer of superb cinematography and directorial forethought to allow for things such as an extremely long take to open the film. “Gravity” produces the best performance of Sandra Bullock’s career all while leaving you breathless, with stunning visual effects and an eye for shot composition that is truly exquisite. Alfonso Cuarón proves to be an auteur when it comes to cinema, bringing to life worlds that leave lasting impacts on the viewers.
RunnerRunner-poster Even if “Runner Runner” straddles the line between stale and refreshing, the ensemble cast alone is enough to get people in their seats. What originally drew me to the film was the villainous performance from Ben Affleck, as he does not disappoint as the likable bad guy. Whenever Timberlake is tossed in the lead role of an action movie or thriller, he runs the gambit of being too inexperienced and too flashy, begging the question whether someone else would be better positioned in the same role.

ACOD-poster Adam Scott is a biggest enough sell for me on any film and as he takes the leading reigns on “A.C.O.D.” or “Adult Children of Divorce”, I couldn’t be more interested. Then add in Jane Lynch, Jessica Alba, Amy Poehler, and Clark Duke and I’m completely on board, with this comical look at what the effects of divorce are on a grown man.
AllIsBright-poster In his first solo directing gig since “Junebug”, Phil Morrison returns with this dark comedy about an ex-con reuniting with an old friend to sell Christmas trees in New York City. Led wonderfully by Paul Giamatti and Paul Rudd, I am eternally grateful to see these great comedians taking on smaller, drier roles that they knock out of the park.
ArgentosDracula-poster Low budget and borderline softcore porn, “Argento’s Dracula” might have been impressive 50 years ago, but by today’s standards it’s straight-to-DVD quality at best with poor lighting and a been-there-done-that feel.
Concussion-poster Reuniting “Sons of Anarchy” stars Robin Weigert and Maggie Siff in this sexually charged drama about an escort with a double life as a mother, “Concussion” looks sensual and deeply emotional, with two amazing actresses that deserve to be highlighted in more work.
TheDirties-poster “The Dirties” is a “found footage” dramedy about two boys that are bullied and in response want to make a school shooting movie where they “kill the bad guys”. Endorsed by Kevin Smith, I’m failing to see the importance or even humor in this subject matter.
FiveDances-poster “Five Dances” covers a lot of ground for a film about dance. It covers the small town to big city transition for its main character and the pains of leaving your non-supportive family members behind. It’s also a gay romance film between two men in the same dance company as they explore their feelings for one another. All of this, however, does not add up to anything I’d be interested in.
GraceUnplugged-poster With the second poster in a row containing someone reaching towards the sky (see “Five Dances” poster above), “Grace Unplugged” is attempting to cash in on country music and Christianity. What feels completely derivative, the film is meant to counter whatever bad mojo Miley Cyrus brings to the spotlight for young girls, but this film is way too heavy handed for its own good.
IUsedToBeDarker-poster “I Used To Be Darker” is what I like to call a hard drama. This film is all business and very little fun, taking a deep look at a fractured family dynamic with dark tones and conflicting emotions. None of the performances really jump off of the screen and besides the smashing of the guitar at the end of the trailer, there’s really no moments of highs. Unless I hear otherwise, this film will forever fall on the back burner.
LetTheFireBurn-poster Runner-up for documentary of the week, “Let The Fire Burn” is a documentary comprised completely of archival footage from the 80’s involving a religious group called MOVE and their struggles with authority in what is described as a thriller or courtroom drama unlike anything you’ve seen before.
NothingLeftToFear-poster Presented by Slash from Guns and Roses, “Nothing Left To Fear” is a creepy endeavor into the satanic town horror story-line and although this could be a lot worse, the film could still use a bit more production value to make it feel less like a straight-to-DVD release.
Parkland-poster “Parkland” takes place during and after the assassination of JFK, specifically in the hospital following the shooting and the days following as one man tries to figure out what to do with the film he has of the incident. Starring an huge cast, much like the ensemble film “Bobby”, Paul Giamatti, Zac Efron, Marcia Gay Harden, Billy Bob Thornton, and Jacki Weaver star in this historical drama.
PullingStrings-poster As predicted, thanks to the success of the Spanish film “Instructions Not Included”, there are more and more Hispanic oriented comedies being released, including this week’s “Pulling Strings”. Hopefully the fans of the aforementioned successful film can see through these upcoming comedies and not adhere to the sudden spotlight shown on this certain demographic.
RunningWild-poster “Running Wild” looks like a fantastic documentary about an old cowboy named Dayton O. Hyde who can only be described as a humanitarian, as he struggles to open a wild horse ranch, the only one of its kind. As much as I loved the horse documentary, “Buck”, this seems to be a different kind of beast and though I took a lot away from the trailer, that’s all I really need from this particular topic.
TheSummit-poster DOCUMENTARY PICK OF THE WEEK: This documentary about a mountain climbing expedition gone wrong is almost too cinematic to be believed. “The Summit” combines actual footage with recreations as 25 climbers head up K2, the second tallest mountain in the world, in perfect conditions, and still 11 climbers perished. With exquisite views and an editing award from Sundance, I have to see this film.
TouchOfSin-poster “A Touch of Sin” won Best Screenplay at Cannes, but I have absolutely no idea what this Chinese film is even about. With some impeccable visuals, I could possibly see giving this film a shot if I actually knew what it was about, but with a two hour run-time, I’ll pass until I hear otherwise.
Vikingdom-poster Basically the equivalent of a low budget take on “300”, the only thing I’m thankful for about “Vikingdom” is the merciful one minute trailer. With a laughable God of Thunder, Thor, and some low budget graphics, this film is horrible, based on the trailer alone.


  • Gravity
  • Runner Runner


  • A.C.O.D.
  • All Is Bright
  • Bad Milo!
  • Concussion
  • The Summit


  • Parkland


  • Let The Fire Burn


  • Nothing Left To Fear


  • Argento’s Dracula
  • The Dirties
  • Five Dances
  • Grace Unplugged
  • I Used To Be Darker
  • Pulling Strings
  • Running Wild
  • A Touch Of Sin
  • Vikingdom


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