THE HUNGER GAMES: CATCHING FIRE || November 22nd, 2013

DeliveryMan-poster Sadly, Vince Vaughn’s star is falling, or plummeting if you will. Once on top and in the spotlight of his comedic heyday, “Delivery Man” proves that he’s just not the comedic genius we once thought him to be. Talk about completely unnecessary. Not only are remakes now coming from the same exact director, but they’re using the same script and leaving a year to separate the films. It’s absolutely ridiculous and without involvement from Chris Pratt and his great comedic timing, “Delivery Man” would almost be unwatchable.

HungerGamesCatchingFire-poster Embodying many of the same issues I had with the original, “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” does take a step up from its predecessor and delivers plenty more suspense and a much better cast with much stronger performances, especially from now Academy Award winner Jennifer Lawrence. I can appreciate where this series is coming from and its willingness to change in the second adaptation.

BettiePageRevealsAll-poster Bettie Page is a historical and iconic sex symbol and delving into her past, “Bettie Page Reveals All” is actually narrated by Bettie Page herself, which is an outstanding achievement. Along the lines of Marilyn Monroe, Bettie took hold of her sexuality and opened the door for the era of sexual freedom that we live in now. I’m interested to hear her side of things and the random smattering of celebrities that they’ve chosen to interview, like Hugh Hefner, Rebecca Romijn, and Dita Von Teese. Of people to make a documentary about, Bettie Page lands pretty high on my list.
ChristmasCandle-poster Falling from a huge successful film like “Les Miserables” to a period piece holiday film titled “The Christmas Candle”, Samantha Barks has lost some footing and despite her gorgeous looks and impeccable turn in last year’s adaptation, she’s finding herself in what should be a Lifetime Original Movie next to Britain’s Got Talent nobody Susan Boyle. With no idea who Max Lucaido is (the author of this story being adapted) and no interest in anyone’s performance, this lands as a Christmas film no one will see.
IsTheManWhoIsTallHappy-poster Michel Gondry is an interesting film-maker. He’s the man that gave the world “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”. But in his latest endeavor, a documentary/conversation entitled “Is The Man Who Is Tall Happy?” Gondry interviews Noam Chomsky, a controversial MIT professor and philosopher, among other things. Animated to the descriptions given during their discussion, Gondry takes an otherwise simple interview and makes it much more interesting, with a stylized animation element all his own.
Philomena-poster2 Based on a true story of a woman who was forced to give up her child, had out of wedlock, and as an old woman, decides to look for her long-lost son, “Philomena” brings Judi Dench and Steve Coogan (also co-writer) together in what looks to be a truly heartwarming endeavor. Dench is garnering strong Oscar attention in this role and Coogan fits perfectly as the skeptical BBC reporter tagging along, with pithy comments and a must-win-over attitude.


  • Delivery Man
  • The Hunger Games: Catching Fire


  • Philomena



  • Bettie Page Reveals All


  • Is The Man Who Is Tall Happy?


  • The Christmas Candle


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