PrinceAvalanche-headerPRINCE AVALANCHE // David Gordon Green’s return to form, “Prince Avalanche” sees Paul Rudd and Emilie Hirsch give some of the most dramatic and spot-on performances of their careers, as two men in the backwoods painting yellow dividing lines on an all but abandoned road. With Green’s patented mix of comedy and drama, to which they become one in the same, his latest film proves that his original work is where his heart lies and the raunchy comedies he’s directed as of late have to be simply a means to an end. With Rudd’s Alvin being a complete lover of nature and Hirsch’s Lance remaining the complete opposite, with a love of sex and human interaction, the dialogue between these two in the middle of nowhere is inherently rich and pithy. The cinematography and musical score become laden with rich environmental undertones and almost a meditative state, adding a deeper layer to the film as a whole. The content of the film screams David Gordon Green and impresses on almost all levels, creating an instant classic and hopefully marking the beginning of this continued renaissance of his former glory.

[Directed by David Gordon Green] [R] [94 min] [9 August 2013]    09fourhalf-stars


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