OUT OF THE FURNACE || December 6th, 2013

LastDayOnMars-poster Call me a sucker for science fiction films, but this horror space thriller “Last Days on Mars” starring Liev Schreiber, Olivia Williams, and Elias Koteas looks like a close cousin to the “Alien” franchise, and for that I’m intrigued. When crew members disappear on a secret mission while on Mars, the remaining crew set out to search for them… until they return to the ship and all hell breaks loose. Why can’t space ever be safe? The visuals looks fantastic and the performances are strong, which makes me never having heard about this film seem very odd.
OutOfTheFurnace-poster Much in the same vein that I loved “Killing Them Softly” last year, director Scott Cooper (“Crazy Heart”) delivers intense thriller “Out Of The Furnace” starring Christian Bale, Casey Affleck, and Woody Harrelson, three of my favorite actors. So forgive me if I’m blinding going to dive in, but I guess I do not care that the critics are less than excited, because I have a feeling I will enjoy this immensely. Somewhat similar to “Winter’s Bone” with a community where cops won’t go, having their own justice, Bale’s character must go there to save his brother, played by Affleck.

AdventuresOfThePenguinKing-poster Don’t be fooled. From the poster, this looks like an animated film, but really it’s one of those “March Of The Penguin” films with live action footage of penguins in their habitat. I do not believe they add voices to them, however, or the trailer would not suggest it. But Tim Allen does narrate the film, apparently. That being said, these nature films have never held much interest for me.
BreakfastWithCurtis-poster To me at least, “Breakfast With Curtis” looks like a film about absolutely nothing. Starting out with neighbors who hate each other and fast forwarding in time to a different set of neighbors with the same little boy carrying around a video camera, the trailer gives away nothing to what the through-line or arc of the film is. It’s just old people partying in someone’s backyard.
Commitment-poster Basically another “do this mission to save your sibling” action film, “Commitment” comes from South Korea from first time director Park Hong-Soo. The trailer helps this film slightly, but underneath, it’s just another mob action film with little to nothing setting it apart.
Crave-poster Charles de Lauzirika’s answer to the end of “Dexter”, his film “Crave” takes a crime scene photographer who has an urge to take justice into his own hands when it comes to murders and crooks. And of course if you’re missing Ron Perlman already, he steps into yet another small role next to “Terminator 2: Judgment Day’s” Edward Furlong.
InsideLlewynDavis-poster All you have to do is but The Coen Brothers’ name on a film, it will be notoriously appreciated from the get-go. That’s because they are admirable directors and have proven themselves time and time again. “Inside Llewyn Davis” is the story of a struggling folk musician. With an all-star cast in Carey Mulligan, John Goodman, and Justin Timberlake, and lead by promising newcomer Oscar Isaac (“Sucker Punch”), this could be just the film to garner some surprising Oscar nominations.
Khumba-poster Trying desperately to fill the void left by “Disney’s The Lion King”, this latest independent safari installment “Khumba” follows a zebra missing half his stripes and the myth that he has caused the drought. The animation is fantastic and the voice acting has quite the crew including Liam Neeson and Steve Buscemi, but the humor is completely lacking, with some strange attempts at jokes throughout. On a side note, this film is still under consideration for Best Animated Feature for the Academy Awards.
ParadiseHope-poster The third installment in the Paradise trilogy, you can officially count be three for three for not wanting to see these films. First with “Love”, then with “Faith”, now with “Paradise: Hope”, I have absolutely no interest in a film about young girls at a fat camp having strange relationships with the old men that work there. The entire trailer felt very creepy including the “if you’re happy and you know it, tap your fat” anthem at the end.
PuellaMagi-poster2 “Puella Magi Madoka Magica” is an anime feature still up for consideration for an Academy Award for Best Animated Feature. Anime has never been something I was into and this film does not appear to change that fact. Even after reading the synopsis, I’m completely lost and I will chalk it up to me just not being the least bit interested.
RRajkumar-poster Sadly, I continue this journey not understanding Bollywood films. “R… Rajkumar” is no different. There’s just a strange production quality to everything that comes out of India, with strange dance numbers and joking nature that I’m just not understanding. So instead of watching this trailer, check out this gorgeous picture of the female lead, Sonakshi Sinha (http://www.imdb.com/media/rm4234786816/nm3848064?ref_=nm_ov_ph)
Swerve-poster Here are the things I like about “Swerve”. The first selling point for me is Jason Clarke, who has been fantastic in everything that I’ve seen him in, including “Lawless”, “Zero Dark Thirty”, and “The Great Gatsby”. Secondly, it’s compared to Hitchcock and the Coen Brothers, who are both fantastic. And thirdly, it’s just high octane enough and racy enough to grab my attention.
TwiceBorn-poster Penelope Cruz is almost enough to sell me a movie these days, but toss in Emile Hirsch and a strong emotional story and you’ve almost got me hooked. The problem that faces “Twice Born” is it looks a little too emotionally charged for my liking and then mixing in some political battles on top of the love story makes it feel like too much is happening for its own good. However, Cruz looks gorgeous and is growing into quite the actress, even with an Academy Award under her belt.
WhiteReindeer-poster Finding out after her husband dies that he was not the man she thought he was, Suzanne sets out of debauchery before Christmas. “White Reindeer” doesn’t seem like a dark comedy and definitely isn’t a very solid dramatic film, which places it somewhere in between and makes it undesirable on so many levels. It is, however, nice to see Joe Swanberg keep popping up in places after acting in “You’re Next” and directing this year’s comedy “Drinking Buddies”.


  • Inside Llewyn Davis
  • The Last Days On Mars
  • Out Of The Furnace




  • Crave
  • Swerve


  • Twice Born


  • Adventures Of The Penguin King
  • Breakfast With Curtis
  • Commitment
  • Khumba
  • Paradise: Hope
  • Puella Magi Madoka Magica
  • R… Rajkumar
  • White Reindeer


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