Michael O’Connor

To be completely honest, I was surprised to see “The Invisible Woman” get any nominations. Not because it isn’t good, because it really is, but because of the competition this year. An unheard of film directed by and starring Ralph Fiennes sees Charles Dickens and the story behind he and his much younger mistress, played by one of my favorites, Felicity Jones. Following Dickens, this means we gets tons of 19th century, casual garb as well as some special occasions thrown in. Set around Dickens, his family, and close theater friends, you explore the world of the artists in that era and the clothes that they wear. We also jump forward in time to Dickens’ mistress, decades later, portraying some of my favorite articles of dress, like the black dress that Jones wears while walking down the beach. Sadly, a nomination is all that “The Invisible Woman” will receive, seeing as “The Great Gatsby” and “American Hustle” and even “12 Years A Slave” are much more widely known films with some bigger costume designs. However, this is Michael O’Connor’s third nomination with a previous win for “The Duchess” (2008) (“Jane Eyre” (2011) was the other nomination).

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// Produced by Christian Baute, Carolyn Marks Blackwood, Stewart Mackinnon, and Gabrielle Tana //
// Directed by Ralph Fiennes //
// Dated Viewed: Sunday, February 9th, 2014 // Laemmle Playhouse 7 //  19 films – 22 days //

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