Benjamin Renner and Didier Brunner

Having made it to a preview screening of this foreign animated film in the theaters, I can easily say that the audience loved it. Adults and children alike were cracking up at the well timed and well drawn jokes throughout the course of this film. As a bear and mouse attempt to be friends in a segregated world where bears live in towns while mice live in the sewer systems below, one lowly mouse named Celestine ventures out to make friends with a bear named Ernest. Living side by side, the comedy comes out of the situations these characters are put into and the reactions that often given to the animals, for instance, one of the biggest laughs I had was when Celestine is trying to teach Ernest a lesson and decides to retreat to the cellar and grabs a spoon of chocolate while pointing and backing away from Ernest. For lack of a better term, “Ernest And Celestine” is cute. It’s cutely drawn, the characters are cute, and the voices (in French) are cute. Seeing this film sub-titled was a real treat. And even though “Frozen” and “The Wind Rises” will likely be the favorites of the Academy, “Ernest And Celestine”, at a brisk 80 minutes long and reminiscent of the type of humor you’d see in Wes Anderson’s “Fantastic Mr. Fox”, is one of the most enjoyable animated features of the year and if you get a chance to see it, I highly recommend it.

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// Produced by Didier Brunner, Henri Magalon, and Vincent Tavier //
// Directed by Stéphane Aubier, Vincent Patar, and Benjamin Renner //
// Dated Viewed: Sunday, February 16th, 2014 // The Landmark //  11 films – 15 days //

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