Steve Boeddeker and Richard Hymns

AllIsLost-soundediting“All Is Lost” is the epitome of sound design. With Robert Redford having a handful of lines throughout the entire piece, the film completely relies on the sounds surrounding the character, whether it be the waves crashing against the boat while Redford is down below in the living quarters, whether it be the growing storm around Redford and the underwater noises when the worst scenarios occur, or simply even the sounds of the calm of night while he floats in his raft. Being the only thing that “All Is Lost” is recognized for this year, it couldn’t have picked a better category to show up in, allowing the general public to experience was real sound editing is all about. Last year, “Skyfall” and “Zero Dark Thirty” shared this award. Unfortunately for “All Is Lost”, both Sound Editing and Sound Mixing are leaning towards “Gravity”, which are two totally different films from the ones to win last year. Despite only grabbing one nomination, “All Is Lost” is a fantastic film and were the Best Leading Actor category expanded, Redford would have easily found himself a nomination. This is Steve Boeddeker’s first nomination and Richard Hymns’ ninth, with wins for “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade” (1989), “Jurassic Park” (1993), and “Saving Private Ryan” (1998).

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// Produced by Justin Nappi, Teddy Schwarzman, Neal Dodson, and Anna Gerb // Directed by J. C. Chandor //
// Dated Viewed: Wednesday, February 19th, 2014 // DVD //  9 films – 12 days //

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