Step aside Ellen DeGeneres because Neil Patrick Harris is here. With “How I Met Your Mother” no longer filling up his schedule, Harris takes the Academy Awards stage for the first time as host. However, he is no stranger to awards shows, having hosted the Emmys (twice) and the Tonys. Let him host the Golden Globes and he will have his own EGOT. He is also no stranger to the stage spotlight, having won a Tony Award this year for Best Actor in a Musical in the Broadway musical “Hedwig and the Angry Inch”. Interestingly enough, Harris also provided a supporting performance in “Gone Girl” which could see some Oscar attention and perhaps, depending on how the category shakes out, could provide Harris with double duties that night, if he were to be nominated.

Many question why Ellen DeGeneres was not invited back, seeing as the norm used to be returning hosts, i.e. Billy Crystal and Johnny Carson. But I have to say I adore the change. Ellen was fine as host and most will agree she was a step up from many of the previous hosts. She was able to poke fun at herself and the giant selfie that broke Twitter was absolutely brilliant. But with the announcement of Neil Patrick Harris, I am much more looking forward to his involvement. Harris’ comedy style in point blank, which should bring plenty of hilarious moments, while remaining less offensive than say Seth MacFarlane, whom I loved as the host a few years ago but was met with a mostly lukewarm reception. Regardless of whose hosting, this announcement carries us one step further to the big night.

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