Music and Lyrics by John Stephens and Lonnie Lynn

John Legend and Common (who also stars in “Selma”) come together to perform the song “Glory,” which plays during the end credits of “Selma”. Under pictures of the cast and their characters, the song’s lyrics hit historical moments from the walk in Selma depicted in the film to the struggles of race in Ferguson.

What’s its competition? Having won the Golden Globe for this song, John Legend and Common currently have the leg up on their competition. Using their acceptance speech as a moment to shine light on their cause and to speak positive words towards the race altercations as of late could prove beneficial in wanting them to repeat that at the Oscars, to which I could definitely see. Also being only one of two places to honor the film and with little chance of “Selma” winning Best Picture, this is really the only category that anyone can pay tribute to the film. Unless the same goes for “The Lego Movie,” which is not a substantial film by any means, there is really no beating “Glory” at this point.

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