Music and Lyric by Shawn Patterson

On the morning of the nomination announcements, everyone was stunned when the Best Animated Feature category came up and “The Lego Movie” was not among the nominees. A film that had garnered huge critical and popular success had been dismissed by the Academy for some reason or another. That left the film with only one nomination in the Best Original Song category. Its main theme, “Everything Is Awesome” is the drone song that all the regular people sing as they follow their instructions from Lord Business and go about their day buying expensive coffee and being nice to one another. The song shows up several times throughout the film with its main showing during the end credits of the film. With vocals from the pop group Tegan and Sara along with some freestyle rap from The Lonely Island, the song is the perfect parody on fascism.

What’s its competition? One way of looking at the chances of “Everything Is Awesome” is asking the question, “why did ‘The Lego Movie’ not get nominated for Best Animated Feature?” and the answer is a lack of support. Now, that’s not saying that the Academy as a whole couldn’t get behind the film, but it’s a strong indicator of where a majority of their minds were at. With “Selma” likely needing a win and probably not finding it in Best Picture, this would be the most likeliest of places to give it the gold. Despite how well it might fit in the children’s movie, “Everything Is Awesome” will probably not win on its writing merit alone, which fails to reach social levels like “Glory” from “Selma”. It will land in the top 3, however, as I predict it having more support than say the original songs from “Glen Campbell: I’ll Be Me” and “Beyond The Lights”.

TheLegoMovie_OriginalSong-shaded Selma_OriginalSong2 GlenCampbellIllBeMe_OriginalSong BeyondTheLights_OriginalSong BeginAgain_OriginalSong

// Produced by Dan Lin & Roy Lee // Directed by Phil Lord & Christopher Miller //
// Dated Viewed: Wednesday, January 21st, 2015 // BLU-RAY //  39 films – 33 days //

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