“Inherent Vice”

Heading to the ’70s gives “Inherent Vice” all the opportunities to do special things with their costume design and for the most part they do. With an edge of humor throughout the film, the costumes play into that comedy, for example when Joaquin Phoenix’s Doc is called to a meeting at a fancy restaurant and the attire calls for a tie, Doc shows up in a turtle neck and an American Indian medallion around his neck. Although, the clothing worn by the female characters is the stuff to behold. The first dress we see Doc’s love interest, Shasta Fay, wearing, the orange sundress, screams the time period and instantly makes Waterston’s character the object of our affection. Sloane’s black bathing suit is also memorable, as it is the only thing we ever really see her in and it makes me smile to think that the slight glimpse of a butt crack was part of the costume choice. The costume design in “Inherent Vice” may not be revolutionary but it does tie the film together quite perfectly. You may remember costume designer Mark Bridges from a few years ago, as he won the Oscar for his work on “The Artist” (2011).

What’s its competition? Fantasy and period pieces are the bread and butter of this category, but “Inherent Vice,” though set in the ’70s era, is likely a little further down on the list of hopefuls. “The Grand Budapest Hotel,” with all its love, is probably a strong frontrunner for this award, as the costumes in that film are unforgettable. Next in line are likely the fantasy fare in “Maleficent” and “Into The Woods”. Perhaps, in ranking these films, “Inherent Vice” could come before “Mr. Turner,” but with the strong support for “Turner” even that seems a stretch. So despite Bridges previous Costume Design Oscar win and despite the strong showing in the film as a whole, “Inherent Vice” stands little chance of actually winning.

TheGrandBudapestHotel_Costume InherentVice_Costume-shaded IntoTheWoods_Costume Maleficent_Costume MrTurner_Costume

// Produced by JoAnne Sellar, Daniel Lupi, and Paul Thomas Anderson // Directed by Paul Thomas Anderson //
// Dated Viewed: Sunday, January 25th, 2015 // PACIFIC SHERMAN OAKS //  34 films – 29 days //

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