Gary Yershon

The score in “Mr. Turner” is the equivalent of giving a nomination to good elevator music. Not to say Gary Yershon’s score is bad, by any means, in fact it fits the period piece nature of the film perfectly, but that being said, there are multiple composers every year that put out similar original scores, offering to the repetitive nature of the period piece genre and its scores. There is nothing that stands out about Yershon’s score. It may bounce or plod at times, but all it actually does is accompany the piece instead of encapsulating any one mood or feeling. If you place any period piece’s original score next to another one, you would probably have two similar pieces, both of which for different films but, because of the constraints of fitting to the style of a certain genre of film, they take on similar structures and compositions.

What’s its competition? Everything will prove a challenge for Gary Yershon and “Mr. Turner” to beat. Not only are some of the best composers in the industry present in this category, like Hans Zimmer (“Interstellar”) and Alexandre Desplat (“The Imitation Game”, “The Grand Budapest Hotel”), it also has to beat Golden Globe winner Johann Johannsson and his score for “The Theory Of Everything”. And with the seasoned nature of the score itself, “Mr. Turner” would likely be the last score I would bet on in this category, again, with no hard feelings towards the film or the score in general. But with this being Yershon’s first Academy Award nomination, that, in and of itself, it probably a nice win regardless.

TheGrandBudapestHotel_Score TheImitationGame_Score Interstellar_Score MrTurner_Score-shaded TheTheoryOfEverything_Score

// Produced by Georgina Lowe // Directed by Mike Leigh //
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