Seven years have come and gone since I started this Oscar Challenge. Its inception came from missing most of the major movies of 2009 that got nominated. A friend and I decided to take it upon ourselves to watch all the films nominated, most of which we had not seen. This included what are now some of my favorite films to this day, like “Crazy Heart”, “Up In The Air”, “The Hurt Locker”, and “Fantastic Mr. Fox”. But along the way, I saw films like “The Young Victoria” and “The Last Station” which opened my eyes to the truly great films that I might not otherwise have given a chance. Now we’re seven years down the line. A few of the challenges I completed 100% in the allotted time (from the day the films are nominated until the day of the Oscars broadcast) while others I missed just a few films that either didn’t get released after being nominated or because of my busy schedule. Here’s my track record:

Year 1 (82nd Academy Awards – 2009/2010)
37 out of 40 films

Year 2 (83rd Academy Awards – 2010/2011)
36 out of 41 films in 34 days

Year 3 (84th Academy Awards – 2011/2012)
43 out of 46 films in 34 days

Year 4 (85th Academy Awards – 2012/2013)
38 out of 38 films in 46 days

Year 5 (86th Academy Awards – 2013/2014)
42 out of 42 films in 45 days

Year 6 (87th Academy Awards – 2014/2015)
43 out of 45 films in 39 days

This year, like Year 4, I’ll have 46 days to complete the challenge, with the nominations coming out on Thursday, January 14th, 2016 at 5:30am and the Oscar broadcast taking place on Sunday, February 28th, 2016, during which I will attempt to see all the films that are nominated, regardless of whether I have seen them before or not. Most of them I will try to see in theaters, but when they aren’t available, I will view them on DVD/Blu-Ray, stream them online, or try to find screeners of them. Along the way, I will post my predictions, analyzing each film as I see them, and discussing each category that a given film is nominated for. This is truly one of my favorite times of the year and if you wish to join along in the fun, feel free to keep checking back and weighing in as well.

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