CREED || November 27th, 2015

Creed-poster CREED || The perfect “Rocky” sequel, “Creed” picks up years down the road as we find Apollo Creed had an illegitimate son that has grown up to be a fighter. Wanting to go legit, he quits his job, leaves the rich confines of his home with Apollo’s wife, Mary-Anne, and ventures to Philadelphia to see if pseudo-uncle Rocky Balboa will train him. There are so many emotions at play, so many nods to the original films, and so many technical feats, that the power of this film cannot be denied.

TheDanishGirl-poster THE DANISH GIRL || It’s all fun and games until your husband ends up coming out as trans-gendered. Oscar winning director Tom Hooper directs “The Danish Girl,” telling the remarkable love story inspired by the lives of Lili Elbe (Oscar winner Eddie Redmayne) and Gerda Wegener (Alicia Vikander). Gerda is a painter and dresses her husband up in drag to get some stunning paintings. But when her and her friend (Amber Heard) take it even further, it’s Lili that surprises them. Also starring Ben Whishaw and Matthias Schoenaerts, this is definitely Oscar fodder in so many ways.
TheGoodDinosaur-poster2 THE GOOD DINOSAUR || Not quite up to par as far as the revolutionary work that Pixar produces, “The Good Dinosaur” delivers some beautiful imagery and rich colors, but misfires on the story-telling and the characters. The imagery can be breath-taking, with nature shots that look live action and the firefly gag performing just as stunning as it appears on the billboards. But the story of Arlo the dinosaur having to find his way home takes some unneeded turns, and unnecessarily dark ones at that.
KillingThemSafely-poster KILLING THEM SAFELY || Apparently stun guns are not the safer alternative that were lead to believe. Fact of the day is that almost all Taser guns are produced by the same company and the people representing the company are “a bit off” as can be seen in the only interview in the trailer with a man that clearly shouldn’t be placed in front of a microphone. The rest of “Killing Them Safely” sets out to tell you why and how Taser guns are harmful.
VictorFrankenstein-poster VICTOR FRANKENSTEIN || Instead of being apart of Universal new monster movie cinematic universe, 20th Century Fox delivers “Victor Frankenstein,” and the only reason it remains watchable is with James McAvoy and Daniel Radcliffe at the helm, delivering what the is equivalence of Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law in “Sherlock Holmes,” delivering the darkness and action that was first delivered by Guy Ritchie.

BolshoiBabylon-poster BOLSHOI BABYLON || Ballets are great and all but apparently all the drama happens backstage, with “Bolshoi Babylon” delving into the Russian company the Bolshoi, which has been in the news headlines for all the wrong reasons as of late, with one of the performers being attacked with acid to the face because of personal jealousy. Now the runners of the company are allowing this documentary to show the real behind the scenes life, probably in hopes of inspiring many to continue seeing their performances. PASS
JanisLittleGirlBlue-poster JANIS: LITTLE GIRL BLUE || Growing up, I knew exactly who my parent’s favorite musical artists were. My dad’s was Meat Loaf, which was apparent by the concert DVD’s blaring on weeknights in the living room over the surround sound. My mom’s favorite was Janis Joplin, but on a much smaller scale to which she would turn her songs up on the radio and point them out, but that was it. So “Janis: Little Girl Blue” is a documentary that takes a look at Janis’ rise as a musical artist, telling her story mainly through letters that she wrote to her parents. PASS
ReichsfuhrerSS-poster REICHSFUHRER-SS || What’s better than a Nazi revenge flick like say “Inglorious Basterds”?” How about a Nazi going to hell and being tortured film? Here is the synopsis for the low production quality Nazi flick: “When notorious mass murderer and SS Nazi leader Heinrich Himmler is sent to Hell he is punished for the horrifying atrocities he committed in the name of Adolf Hitler.”
Stink-poster STINK! || Very infrequently does a documentary actually pull me in by its trailer. But “Stink!” delivers some of the most thought-provoking messaging in a trailer that I’ve ever seen, causing me to shake my head several times at the incredulous things that company representatives will say: “what products don’t cause cancer these days?” The overall message is that things in our cologne, perfume, deodorant, etc. have cancer-causing elements in them without listing them on the label, or instead, listing them as “fragrance” which could be anything. This is a documentary I feel I need to see and share with others.
TheSummerOfSangaile-poster THE SUMMER OF SANGAILE || One of the perfect love stories is one where an introvert meets an extrovert who encourages them to break out of their shell and follow their dreams. “The Summer Of Sangaile,” Lithuanian’s official entry in the Foreign Language category of the Academy Awards, ventures into that type of love story with two young women, one with a passion for stunt planes and the other with a passion for life. Through their sexual exploration that push one another to follow their passions. PASS


  • “Creed”
  • “The Danish Girl”
  • “The Good Dinosaur”


  • “Victor Frankenstein”


  • “Stink!”


  • “Bolshoi Babylon”
  • “Janis: Little Girl Blue”
  • “Killing Them Safely”
  • “Reichsfuhrer-SS”
  • “The Summer Of Sangaile”

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