Music and Lyric by The Weeknd, Ahmad Balshe, Jason Daheala Quenneville and Stephan Moccio

With The Weeknd’s popularity in 2015, it’s no surprise to see him pop up with an Academy Award nomination for his song in “Fifty Shades Of Grey.” With all the original music in that film, the chances were in its favor for getting a nomination, with Elle Goulding and Sia also in the running. The Weeknd’s song “Earned It” definitely fits the sexual tone of the film, marking a pivotal moment in the film when Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson) ultimately starts falling for Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan) as he flies them around the skies of Seattle in his personal helicopter. The song also leads into the film’s credits, after the cliff-hanger ending, which also felt fitting.

What’s its competition? Seeing as the favorite going into the Oscar nominations was Wiz Khalifa’s “See You Again” from the “Furious 7” soundtrack and ultimately it didn’t make the final cut, this category is wide open as far as I’m concerned. Lady Gaga winning for her television acting at the Golden Globes could put her on the Academy’s radar while Sam Smith’s recent success in the past few years including a Golden Globe win, coupled with a previous James Bond win for Adele could also push in his favor. With popular artists starting to dominate this category, more signs point to those three than any other, but again, it’s still anyone’s game.

Previous nominations? These are the first Academy Award nominations for The Weeknd, Ahmad Balshe, Jason Daheala Quenneville and Stephan Moccio.

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