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Epic and intimate are two adjectives that are normally not used together, especially in relationship to cinematography. Most epics are not quite able to achieve intimacy. It takes a keen eye to deliver that, and there are only a handful of cinematographers talented enough or willing to take enough chances to deliver on both of those things. Emmanuel Lubezki is hands down one of the best cinematographers of all-time. Yes, it can depend who he’s working with, which brings out more or less of his talents, but a cinematographer like Lubezki or even say Roger Deakins, shines through no matter who is at the helm. Lubezki heads out into the wilderness with “The Revenant,” and deal with a different shooting process (filming chronologically) as well as dealing with uncontrollable elements like the shifting light, changing weather, and innumerable landscapes. Yet, he is able to capture all of these exquisite natural elements as well as evoking emotions in relation to the characters. His framing is unlike any of his peers, making a film feel far grander than anyone else could make it feel. He also captures so many things in one frame that the stills look like paintings. Lubezki is easily one of my favorite cinematographers and no matter what film he is apart of, he raises it to an entirely another level.

Who’s his competition? Emmanuel Lubezki is setting up to make history at this year’s Academy Awards, where, if he wins, he’ll become the first cinematographer to ever win three consecutive years in a row (“Gravity” and “Birdman”). And all signs are pointing to that happening, with most pundits placing him at the top of the list, and rightfully so, as “The Revenant” is absolutely breathtaking. John Seale (“Mad Max: Fury Road”) brings on the obligatory competition, though many feel like this could even be Roger Deakins (“Sicario”) time to shine, this being his thirteenth nomination without a win.

Previous nominations? This is the eighth Academy Award nomination for Emmanuel Lubezki. He was previously nominated for:

    Winner, Cinematography
  • GRAVITY (2013)
    Winner, Cinematography
  • THE TREE OF LIFE (2011)
    Nominee, Cinematography
  • CHILDREN OF MEN (2006)
    Nominee, Cinematography
  • THE NEW WORLD (2005)
    Nominee, Cinematography
  • SLEEPY HOLLOW (1999)
    Nominee, Cinematography
    Nominee, Cinematography

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