OscarsⓇ Nominated Role: Brie Larson portrays Ma, a woman held captive in a small shed for seven years, who strives to create a normal life for her young son.

During last year’s Oscar season, many people were hoping that the young and talented Brie Larson would get a nomination in what many consider her breakout role in “Short Term 12” as a supervisor at a home for at-risk teens. Not quite grabbing that nomination, as soon as anyone saw her in this year’s Oscar nominated “Room,” they had her pegged as the front-runner. Capturing the emotions of a mother, who is not only raising her 5-year-old son in a small shed where they are being held captive, being raped by their captor every night, and then finally hatching a plan to get them free, Brie lands the nuances of this role and then some. Dealing with PTSD following their escape and trying to deal with the emotional repercussion that befall her, Brie carries a gravitas which even rivals that of the brilliance performance of Jacob Tremblay, who plays her son.

Who’s her competition? Most pundits will place Saoirse Ronan (“Brooklyn”) as Brie Larson’s main competitor, especially with “Brooklyn” also garnering a Best Picture nomination. That being said, this is hands down Brie Larson’s to lose, as she has won across the board for critics awards and took the Golden Globe as well, making the Best Lead Acting categories pretty cut and dry this year.

Previous nominations? This is the first Academy Award nomination for Brie Larson.

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