Paco Delgado

Costumes in “The Danish Girl” are integral to the story-line as Einar toys with the idea of becoming Lili and then eventually makes the full fledged leap into transformation. It starts with the simple nightgown that Gerda wears and Einar puts on under his clothes. Or the stockings and the dress that Gerda is painting in Ulla in but eventually asks Einar to wear to help her finish the painting. Eventually wigs and dresses are what differentiate Lili from Einar. Providing dresses from that period that also fit the changing style of Lili is quite extraordinary and does create for some of the most memorable moments in the film. As “The Revenant” had extras dressed in correspondence to their status or geographical location, “The Danish Girl” must do something similar, dressing the supporting roles in costumes also corresponding to their status in society or their location, whether it be Copenhagen or Paris.

What’s its competition? All that being said, “The Danish Girl” and even the “The Revenant” feel to be after thoughts in the category, as the other three films land much higher. “Cinderella” is the odds-on favorite, with the brilliant dresses across the board, while “Carol” is almost more about fashion than it is about anything else, dressing its women perfectly for the era. Even “Mad Max: Fury Road” is allowed to make some interesting choices, showing a real sense of creativity where as “The Danish Girl” must stick to a very specific vision. In my humble opinion, creativity often wins out.

Previous nominations? This is the second Academy Award nomination for Paco Delgado. He was previously nominated for:

    Nominee, Costume Design

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