“The Danish Girl”


OscarsⓇ Nominated Role: As Lili, Eddie Redmayne portrays an artist torn by the societal norms and restrictions of the early 20th century while trying to transition from male to female.

Last year, he transformed into Stephen Hawking, not just as a character but physically putting his body into the mold of someone suffering from ALS in believable fashion. This year, Eddie Redmayne plays another character based in reality, scenic artist Einar Wegener who would later become known as Lili Elbe. Playing the transgender character as she struggles with the pressures of being their for her wife despite the undeniable feeling that has followed her through her entire life of being a female in a man’s body, the emotional struggle of this character is unfathomable and Redmayne offers at least a glimpse into the turmoil that goes into this. Now it’s one thing to be transgender today, as the world opens up to people being different and it now being law that gays can get married, but to be transgendered in 1920s was likely almost unheard of, and like it is portrayed in the film, most doctors saw it as a perversion or mental illness. Being relevant to the transgender struggle even today, this role was almost meant to be Oscar nominated and the fact that Redmayne was put in the role, made it feel even more predestined for a nomination.

Who’s his competition? Having won last year, the chances of winning back to back year is usually pretty impossible, placing Eddie Redmayne just on the fringe of being able to win this one. With most people rallying behind Leonardo DiCaprio, not just because his performance was one (if not the) best performance of the year, but because they think he’s due. If they were then to award Redmayne, after having just won last year, there would likely be an outcry. However, with the difficulties involved in Redmayne’s role, I would place him as DiCaprio’s biggest competitor, as the remaining three nominees are not quite as impressive, giving great performances, but not quite as layered as Redmayne’s.

Previous nominations? This is the second Academy Award nomination for Eddie Redmayne. He was previously nominated for:

    Winner, Actor in a Leading Role

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