OscarsⓇ Nominated Role: Cate Blanchett plays Carol Aird, a sophisticated housewife who is threatened with losing custody of her daughter because of her relationship with another woman.

There’s absolutely no question why Cate Blanchett has been nominated by the Academy seven times now. When she plays a role, she not only completely transforms into that character, but she travels to every end of the spectrum within that character and playing the title character of “Carol” is absolutely no difference. A high end house wife dealing with the deterioration of her marriage to husband (Kyle Chandler), we see Carol as she falls for the young and beautiful Therese (Rooney Mara). We see Carol dealing with the growing love for Therese, we see her disgust with her desperate husband, we see her angry to the point of carrying and gun and threatening to use it, we see her torn apart by the idea of losing custody of her daughter, we see her standing up for herself and finally coming to an epic realization that she has control over her future and no one else, and we see her in a similar desperate spot in trying to regain a lost love. All these combined are an emotional range that most actresses could only dream of portraying and Blanchett does so with ease, to the point that it doesn’t even seem difficult until you sit down and actually think about it. Carol is the epitome of a leading lady, as you constantly anticipate the scenes that will contain her and what range she’ll be showing off next. There is a charisma that flows through her performance and makes her unforgettable.

Who’s her competition? Working against Cate Blanchett is the fact that she’s won twice, so there is no urgency in giving her a win. These younger actresses like Brie Larson and Saoirse Ronan are showing similar emotional range, they just don’t have the numbers game on their side, with less experience and less roles under their belt. So for that, Cate remains at a disadvantage. We’ve come to expect great work from Cate and although her days of winning awards are not over, it usually takes something absolutely incredible to pull in another win. Of course she’ll be receiving a lifetime achievement award some day, but until then, we will continue to enjoy her steady brilliance in front of the camera. But this year, the awards will be going to the younger ladies in the category.

Previous nominations? This is the seventh Academy Award nomination for Cate Blanchett. She was previously nominated for:

  • BLUE JASMINE (2013)
    Winner, Actress in a Leading Role
    Nominee, Actress in a Leading Role
  • I’M NOT THERE (2007)
    Nominee, Actress in a Supporting Role
    Nominee, Actress in a Supporting Role
  • THE AVIATOR (2004)
    Winner, Actress in a Supporting Role
  • ELIZABETH (1998)
    Nominee, Actress in a Leading Role

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