FILM SYNOPSIS: A young woman who has been held in captivity in a small shed for seven years tries to make as normal a life as she can for her five-year-old son, Jack, who knows her only as “Ma.” When Ma and Jack escape their captor, Old Nick, they must cope with the outside world and forge relationships with Ma’s conflicted family.

Of all the Best Picture nominated films, “Room” was likely the least expected to make the final cut. The fact that it beat out “Carol” for both a Best Picture nomination and Best Directing nomination is testament to the passion put behind the film from the Academy voters. With only a writing, directing, and acting award in hand with the Best Picture, it says that the main areas were strong and it’s a film worth mentioning, but this is the last film anyone expects to take the big award at the end of the night. That’s not to say that Lenny Abrahamson getting a directing nod is not a big deal, because it truly is, especially with Ridley Scott (“The Martian”) not making the cut nor Todd Haynes (“Carol”). So, as they say, that is a win in and of itself.

Brie Larson is the hands down favorite to take home Best Actress in a Leading Role, so “Room” will definitely not be going home empty-handed. Unless there is an upset in that category, that one is pretty much locked. Best Adapted Screenplay, however, is more of a toss up, as more often than not, the Best Picture winner also takes Best Screenplay in its category, making “The Big Short,” especially after the Producers Guild win, an odds on favorite for this category. It should be noted that Emma Donohgue is also not even the only woman nominated in this category, as Phyllis Nagy is also nominated for her writing on “Carol.” If the odds weren’t against “Room” enough in this category, “The Martian,” “The Big Short,” and “Brooklyn” are also all nominated for Best Picture, which means they likely all have a better chance of winning than “Room.”

That being said, if you need any case for “Room,” consider the fact that even though most pundits did not seeing it even getting nominated for Best Picture or Best Directing, it still go through, meaning there was enough support in the Academy to push it through. That should not be taken entirely lightly. The fact that it has a soon-to-be award winning performance at its helm could also push it somewhat forward. But if you’re looking for safe bets, I would not put your chips on “Room” in the Best Picture category.

Previous nominations? This is the first Academy Award nomination for Ed Guiney.

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// Produced by Ed Guiney //Directed by Lenny Abrahamson //
// Dated Viewed: Monday, January 18th, 2016 // ARCLIGHT SHERMAN OAKS //  36 films – 42 days //

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