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Edward Lachman and Todd Haynes have collaborated on three films now, all three having been nominated for an Academy Award in some capacity, with Lachman getting a previous nomination in 2002 for “Far From Heaven” and along with a Best Supporting Actress nomination for Cate Blanchett, who Haynes and Lachman team with again in “Carol.” Lachman has a way of completely nailing the ’50s look in both “Carol” and “Far From Heaven,” both about housewives, both completely diving into the eras, and giving a warm film stock that feels like its coming from that era. Lachman has way of framing his characters so that each shot feels like a still photograph and the fact that Rooney Mara’s character Therese also shoots photography helps in getting Lachman’s cinematography across.

Who’s his competition? Though Lachman has his own distinct style that transports you to a certain era, it simply is no match for either Roger Deakins (“Sicario”) or Emmanuel Lubezki (“The Revenant”) who have simply revolutionized the way a film is shot and the grandness that comes from their distinct style. They are auteurs behind the camera. Lachman is obviously in control of the style he is trying to portray but it does not quite have the signature that the other two cinematographers display. One could even argue that John Seale’s work in “Mad Max: Fury Road” brings something new and exciting to the table. I do feel that if Lachman and Haynes continue to make films together, eventually they will both finally get the credit they deserve for delivering some gorgeous looking ’50s era films.

Previous nominations? This is the second Academy Award nomination for Ed Lachman. He was previously nominated for:

  • FAR FROM HEAVEN (2002)
    Nominee, Cinematography

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// Produced by Elizabeth Karlsen, Stephen Woolley, and Christine Vachon //Directed by Todd Haynes //
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