Music and Lyric by Diane Warren and Lady Gaga

From the documentary, “The Hunting Ground,” which focuses on the allegations that major universities are covering up their sexual abuse cases as a way to keep people coming to their campuses, Lady Gaga and Diane Warren present a heartfelt ballad to express this emotional hurt that almost all the women involved in these incidents feel. With this documentary and including the song, it feels like the film-makers and songwriters are trying to get the word out and in turn, trying to rally support behind these victims.

There’s apparently some controversy in regards to Lady Gaga’s involvement in the writing of this song, or at least as far as singer/songwriter Linda Perry is concerned, who took to Twitter to say that Lady Gaga rewrote one line and was given writing credit. Apparently she had heard the original recording by Diane Warren and compared it to the Lady Gaga version, and that was the only line that changed. Perry apparently felt the need to let everyone know about this. I think later in her Tweets, she touches on the reason this might have occurred. Getting Lady Gaga involved in the song makes it a bigger deal and maybe more people will hear it because of that or it will get them to see the film or help the cause, so Diane Warren might have been searching for a boarder audience that way. But Diane Warren is an eight time Academy Award nominee. Does that really sound like her songs aren’t getting heard?

What’s its competition? Best Original Song is a hard category to pick a winner, being truly subjective. You can look at what’s been winning, like with Sam Smith’s “Writing On The Wall,” which won the Golden Globe or you can look at the song that is actually trying to make a real difference, like Lady Gaga and Diane Warren’s “Til It Happens To You.” The pundits at Gold Derby have placed it on the top of their list, with a 59% chance of winning. With Lady Gaga’s graceful with for acting at the Golden Globes, I can imagine that works somewhat in her favor headed into the Oscars. And despite being extremely popular this past year, The Weeknd has not been rallying much support. The hard part is that the song is in a documentary and not to be close-minded, but I feel like people are less likely to devote the time to this documentary to actually hear the song in its natural environment. That’s not to say it won’t be able to pick up traction just with a little viewing on YouTube or a listen on iTunes, so the documentary aspect might not actually matter. In my opinion, I’d rather Lady Gage and Diane Warren win, over the alternatives, so ends up being a winner by case of elimination. Good luck!

Previous nominations? This is the first Academy Award nomination for Lady Gaga. This is the eighth Academy Award nomination for Diane Warren. She was previously nominated for:

    Nominee, Music (Original Song)
  • PEARL HARBOR (2001)
    Nominee, Music (Original Song)
    Nominee, Music (Original Song)
  • ARMAGEDDON (1998)
    Nominee, Music (Original Song)
  • CON AIR (1997)
    Nominee, Music (Original Song)
    Nominee, Music (Original Song)
  • MANNEQUIN (1987)
    Nominee, Music (Original Song)

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