“Bridge Of Spies”


OscarsⓇ Nominated Role: As Rudolf Abel, Mark Rylance plays an undercover KGB agent stationed in the U.S. who is apprehended and tried for espionage.

Whether you’re Tom Hanks or someone unknown, being in a Steven Spielberg film will likely catapult your career, not just because there’s tons of eyes on a Spielberg piece, but because he’s an except director. Mark Rylance, who stars in “Bridge Of Spies,” was mostly unknown to me before being in his film and now he’s an Academy Award nominated actor. You can bet he’ll be showing up in a lot more now. In “Bridge Of Spies,” he plays a Russian spy that is caught on American soil. Where the judges and general public want him sentenced to death, Hanks’ character wants him to live. Rylance plays the role with a quiet intensity. His most memorable moments are the open of the film where we see him receiving a correspondence and hiding it when the police arrive and his running gag along with Hanks, where Hanks mentions he’s not expressing a certain emotion and Rylance responds with “would it help?”

Who’s his competition? Having won a majority of the critics awards during the earlier Oscar season, Mark Rylance makes a good case for winning the Oscar. Except everyone is hoping for the Stallone win. And with that passion comes people willing to put Stallone in their number one stop. Stallone is that passion vote. But Rylance is the non-emotional vote. He’s great in the film. He’s a great actor stepping into a great role with a great director. He’s got wins behind him. There’s no reason he couldn’t win. But trust me when I say people want to feel something and seeing Stallone win will be an iconic Oscar moment. Seeing Rylance win will simply be commending someone on a job well done.

Previous nominations? This is the first Academy Award nomination for Mark Rylance.

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// Produced by Steven Spielberg, Marc Platt, and Kristie Macosko Krieger // Directed by Steven Spielberg //
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