“Steve Jobs”

OscarsⓇ Nominated Role: Kate Winslet portrays Joanna Hoffman, the marketing executive who helps to steer Steve Jobs’s computer companies to success.

Too often does Kate Winslet play the sex object or love interest in a film. Looking over her past Oscar nominations, this is even clearer. But in “Steve Jobs,” she finally plays the neutral sidekick. There is dialogue line from Fassbender’s Steve Jobs towards the end of the film where he asks “why haven’t we ever slept together?” to which the response is some retort. But the fact is, Winslet plays this powerful assistant that follows Jobs through all his missteps, through his firing from Apple, and through all the personal torment that she herself puts up with in relationship to Jobs’ relationships with friends and even his daughter, to whom he claims isn’t his. Winslet knocks this performance out of the park, carrying the heaviness of the film with ease and playing perfectly off of Fassbender in the lead role.

Who’s her competition? Winslet is loved by the Academy, hence her seven nominations. But her last nomination for “The Reader” was the one that finally won her the Oscar. So even though she’s likely the runner-up in this category, the Academy will be in no rush to award her again, especially with the super talented Alicia Vikander grabbing everyone’s attention this past year with her nominated role in “The Danish Girl” and her unforgettable turn in “Ex Machina,” which you have to believe will weigh in the votes for her as well. Rooney Mara (“Carol”) has also been discussed as a potential runner-up, but in my opinion, Winslet’s was the stronger performance. And coming out of a film that had very little support, besides this and the Best Actor in a Leading Role category, it shows a lot that she pulled off this nomination.

Previous nominations? This is the seventh Academy Award nomination for Kate Winslet. She was previously nominated for:

  • THE READER (2008)
    Winner, Actress in a Leading Role
    Nominee, Actress in a Leading Role
    Nominee, Actress in a Leading Role
  • IRIS (2001)
    Nominee, Actress in a Supporting Role
  • TITANIC (1997)
    Nominee, Actress in a Leading Role
    Nominee, Actress in a Supporting Role

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