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Cinematography is key in creating the aesthetic of “Mad Max: Fury Road.” Imagine having the visionary George Miller come to you with this idea of a film being completely comprised of a chase scene in the desert, and fathoming how you will achieve such an effect. Imagine having you camera attached to vehicles, having explosions happening everywhere, and simply being exposed to the desert for six months. John Seale’s been around for quite some time and has even won one of his own Oscars, but his skill is taken to a new level with “Mad Max: Fury Road,” proving what I assume very few cinematographers could endure. Now add to that that John Seale is a 70 year old man. He’s still impressing even after the age of retirement. The thing working against John Seale is as he states in an interview, after 10 years of pre-production, rehearsing the movements and choreography, having the entire script storyboarded out like an animated feature, Seale was locked into a lot of choices, offering very little creativity from how it sounds. But his expertise can still not be denied. But his contribution of fighting for multiple cameras is described as almost a lifesaver to the actors and the editors.

Who’s his competition? All that being said, Emmanuel Lubezki is the history maker here and I feel like the Academy may drift even more towards him because of that concept of having him win three back to back years for the first time in history. But if anyone will upset that win, it’s John Seale for “Mad Max: Fury Road” because there is simply no other film like it. And although “The Revenant” is a gorgeous piece of cinema with its own innovations, “Mad Max: Fury Road” definitely pushes that envelope a little bit more.

Previous nominations? This is the fifth Academy Award nomination for John Seale. He was previously nominated for:

  • COLD MOUNTAIN (2003)
    Nominee, Cinematography
    Winner, Cinematography
  • RAIN MAN (1988)
    Nominee, Cinematography
  • WITNESS (1985)
    Nominee, Cinematography

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// Produced by Doug Mitchell, George Miller, and P. J. Voeten // Directed by George Miller //
// Dated Viewed: Tuesday, February 23rd, 2016 // BLU-RAY //  6 films – 6 days //

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