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Best Costume gets tricky. On one hand, you’ve got a film like “Cinderella” which is almost made by the costumes. Without those impressive costumes, that film has zero nominations and is just another Disney live action film. But the costumes are utterly breathtaking and unforgettable. They make the movie. Then you have “Mad Max: Fury Road,” where although the costumes are impressive, they are there to support the idea of the world rather than be featured in it. There are certain costume choices that do highlight certain characters, like the metal muzzle placed on Max or Immortan Joe’s entire ensemble, but again, these are not something that make the entire film, they simply enhance it. There’s again a question of quantity when it comes to this but even in just comparing “Mad Max: Fury Road” with “Cinderella” there is a painstaking attention to detail required with absolutely every character. “Mad Max: Fury Road” may have more characters to dress, but the designs and differences in dresses in “Cinderella” is still almost more impressive.

What’s its competition? To me, it’s easy to pick “Cinderella” as the winner. It not only has the most memorable costume assembles but it is literally the focal point of the entire film. The cover of the Blu-Ray is the exquisite dress. There will be little girls dressing up (mine included) as Cinderella for decades to come. “Mad Max: Fury Road” could rally the support to win this category however. It will likely be sweeping the technical awards, so what’s one more. Pundits are also throwing around “Carol” as a possible win as well, hoping for any recognition towards this period film. Any of those three will likely be the strongest contenders, with Sandy Powell being the main competitor in both films going against “Mad Max: Fury Road.”

Previous nominations? This is the tenth Academy Award nomination for Jenny Beavan. She was previously nominated for:

  • THE KING’S SPEECH (2010)
    Nominee, Costume Design
  • GOSFORD PARK (2001)
    Nominee, Costume Design
  • ANNA AND THE KING (1999)
    Nominee, Costume Design
    Nominee, Costume Design
    Nominee, Costume Design
  • HOWARDS END (1992)
    Nominee, Costume Design
  • MAURICE (1987)
    Nominee, Costume Design
  • A ROOM WITH A VIEW (1986)
    Winner, Costume Design
    Nominee, Costume Design

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