BatmanVSupermanDawnOfJustice-poster2 BATMAN V. SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE || Basically the anti-Marvel, “Batman V. Superman” embraces the darkness that Marvel somewhat steers away from. Ben Affleck makes an amicable Batman, despite playing on one note. Jesse Eisenberg does not annoy half as much as the crammed plot that feels erratic and built like a Jenga tower ready to fall. With so many plot arcs tacked on, everything feels weak. But it looks good and as an action movie, you could ask for less.

MyBigFatGreekWedding2-poster MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING 2 || Somehow I missed the first film, but if “My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2” is any indication where that film was, I want to stay far away. Not to say there isn’t some fun writing in here, but unless you’re actually Greek, I feel like most of this is just overbearing and one step away from a Tyler Perry Madea film. Also, there’s far too much makeup and far too much Botox going on here.

AprilAndTheExtraordinaryWorld-poster APRIL AND THE EXTRAORDINARY WORLD || When it comes to animated films, documentaries, and foreign language features, I often find myself predicting whether or not the films are good enough to be nominated for Academy Awards the following year. The foreign language “April and the Extraordinary World” has the look and subject matter that often shows up in the animated films nominated at the Oscars, not mention it has the Academy Award nominated producers that were behind “Persepolis.”
Baskin-poster BASKIN || Grotesque doesn’t even begin to describe this nightmarish horror film that is “Baskin,” with comparisons drawn to “Hellraiser” and coming from the studio that delivered “The Babadook” and “The Human Centipede.” Despite looking well made with some decent production value, it’s all a little too trippy for my liking.
ABitOfBadLuck-poster A BIT OF BAD LUCK || Cary Elwes heads into this dark comedy a successful man who is cheating on his wife. When she finds out, she then orchestrates a weekend from hell that devolves into Elwes’ character being chased down by several groups of people as he looks for help. The end of the trailer suggests some surreal tribunal that has Elwes tied to a stake, awaiting judgment.
BornToBeBlue-poster BORN TO BE BLUE || Any time a distinguished actor plays the role of an iconic historical figure, the chances of them being nominated for an Academy Award for that role are usually heightened. Add to that reviews coming in of it being an Oscar-worthy performance and suddenly you’ve got a contender. Academy Award nominated Ethan Hawke plays jazz legend Chet Baker and even his co-star Carmen Ejogo looks to be on her way to her first Oscar nomination.
Fastball-poster FASTBALL || An entire documentary about the fastball thrown in baseball, with the Major League Baseball Association helping to produce this film, you can tell they are simply trying to get people excited about the sport. But baseball is very much not exciting and there’s not much you an do about that. In the end, like the trailer states, it’s a guy with a stick and a guy with a rock.
GetAJob-poster GET A JOB || The cast alone is enough to push this mediocre comedy through about joblessness and getting through tough times together. Anna Kendrick and Miles Teller in the leads would be enough, but add on Alison Brie, Bryan Cranston, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Nicholas Braun, and John Cho and the film looks stacked.
Identicals-poster IDENTICALS || Despite it’s science fiction roots, “Identicals” is wholly unoriginal, diving back into the pool of face augmentation in order to start a new life. Mix in some convoluted plot points about assassinating your identicals, chasing down your presumably dead girlfriend, and “Identicals” begins to feel more like a scrapbook of “alright” ideas rather than anything outstanding.
ISawTheLight-poster I SAW THE LIGHT || No matter what she does, if Elizabeth Olsen is in a film, chances are I am going to see it. Even though she’s in the supporting role in “I Saw The Light,” having Tom Hiddelston as Hank Williams in the leading role is even more reason to see this one, which takes on a life similar to “Walk The Line.” Olsen steals the show in this trailer and I’m guessing she does so in the feature as well.
JaneWantsABoyfriend-poster JANE WANTS A BOYFRIEND || As nice as it is to see Eliza Dushku acting again, “Jane Wants A Boyfriend” feels a little too after-school-special for its own good. Jane (Louisa Krause) has autism but desperately wants to meet the right guy and when she does, her entire support system goes into full alarm, warning her and him that this may not be right. But they try to make it work and it even looks silly enough to work sometimes, like the button where the man meets her parents.
TheJesusFreak-poster THE JESUS FREAK || The image of a woman going on a long winded prayer while her husband chuckles is a somewhat funny way to open a trailer, but the rest is simply nonsensical and does not tell what the movie is about in the least. The synopsis tells of a friends going to Vegas to try and “win” souls for Jesus but being tempted themselves. However, it all looks a little to under produced to be worth it.
MiaMadre-poster MIA MADRE || John Turturro almost makes this a foreign film worth seeing, as he adds a comedic flair to an otherwise straight dramatic film about a female director facing the death of her mother. But as a romance blossoms between her and Turturro, she finds a way to breakthrough her own issues. Unfortunately, none of this breaks the mold.
SeveTheMovie-poster SEVE: THE MOVIE || What looks to be a mix between a documentary and a fictional reenactment, “Seve: The Movie” is about professional golfer Seve Ballesteros, who went from rags-to-riches, proving naysayers wrong every step of the way. With archival footage making up the documentary portion of the film, his life as a young boy appears to be reenacted.
TheyreWatching-poster THEY’RE WATCHING || Filmmakers in a strange land is the premise of “They’re Watching,” a found footage horror comedy where a home improvement reality show crew travels to an Eastern European village to film only to find themselves in the middle of some village squabble with the locals that eventually turns supernatural. Although it does look to have its moments (“someone tell them we’re American”) it all looks a little too derivative.
ValleyOfLove-poster VALLEY OF LOVE || Well-known foreign actors Gerard Depardieu and Isabelle Huppert come together in “Valley Of Love,” playing a separated couple whose son committed suicide and leaves a note for them to meet him in a particular place and particular time and promising to reveal himself to them. This feels like your average couple reuniting love story and the ending feels a little telegraphed.


  • “Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice”


  • “Get A Job”
  • “I Saw The Light”



  • “April And The Extraordinary World”
  • “Baskin”
  • “A Bit Of Bad Luck”
  • “Born To Be Blue”
  • “Fastball”
  • “Identicals”
  • “Jane Wants A Boyfriend”
  • “The Jesus Freak”
  • “Mia Madre”
  • “My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2”
  • “Seve: The Movie”
  • “They’re Watching”
  • “Valley Of Love”

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