Title: “Easy”
Artist: Son Lux
Source: “My King” Trailer

The Palme d’Or nominated film, Mon Roi (or My King) finds itself with a particularly interesting trailer built around the almost dub-step anthem of Son Lux’s “Easy,” a song released in 2013 on his album “Lanterns.” Ryan Lott, whose stage name is Son Lux, is originally from Denver, Colorado and has released five full length albums and a few EPs. He also collaborates with fellow artists Serengeti and Sufjan Stevens in the band Sisyphus and has even scored a few films including Paper Towns (2015) and The Disappearance Of Eleanor Rigby (2013).

The film, directed by Maïwenn (Polisse), is the recovery story of a woman named Tony, who spends her time during rehabilitating from a serious skiing accident reminiscing about a past love. Actress Emmanuelle Bercot won Best Actress at the Cannes Film Festival for her performance as Tony while co-starring with César Award winner Vincent Cassel, who plays her past love.

The song itself is reminiscent of raindrops falling into a surging ocean, instilling a rhythmic flow with simple, ghostly lyrics and back and forth synth. As previously described, a sort of edgy dub-step nature is adhered to the song, fizzling in and out throughout the progression of the song. It’s the eventual inclusion of the claps and stabbing horns that make it a truly unique and memorable song that carries it above the easy listening tune that it originally sets out as.


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