Directed by: Pablo Larraín
Written by: Noah Oppenheim
Cinematography by: Stéphane Fontaine
Music by: Mica Levi
Distributed by: Fox Searchlight Pictures
Release Date: December, 2016
Budget: $9 million


CHARACTER SYNOPSIS: As Jackie Kennedy, Natalie Portman portrays the grieving and intensely private First Lady, who seeks to ensure her late husband’s legacy — and her own — following his assassination.

Who’s her competition? Natalie Portman’s accent as Jackie Kennedy, alone, will resonate for me as one of the standout portions of this film. Natalie disappears in the role of Jackie, nailing every last emotional beat that is volleyed up to her, with the intense subject matter of the JFK assassination and the time that followed for the former first lady. Her shock and awe, her sullen deliveries yet sharp tongue, and just absolutely everything is what a Best Leading Actress performance should be. Working against her, however, is not only the momentum of a certain “La La Land,” but also the fact that she’s won before, and not that long ago, for her leading performance in “Black Swan” in 2010. That being a emotionally heavy film weighs somewhat well for her in this case, as the Academy may not be turned off by the dark nature of this film. But Portman faces her biggest competition in Emma Stone, who’s never won before and has huge momentum behind her and her film right now, even being the odds-on favorite at But do not count out Portman, who brings this historical figure to life.

Previous nominations? This is the third Academy Award nomination for Natalie Portman. She was previously nominated for:

  • BLACK SWAN (2010)
    Winner, Actress in a Leading Role
  • CLOSER (2004)
    Nominee, Actress in a Supporting Role


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// Produced by Juan de Dios Larraín, Darren Aronofsky, Mickey Liddell, Scott Franklin, and Ari Handel //
// Directed by Pablo Larraín //

// Dated Viewed: Sunday, February 5th, 2017 // STREAMING // 36 films – 22 days //

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