PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: DEAD MEN TELL NO TALES || Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) and Captain Barbossa (Geoffrey Rush) return to the seas in the fifth installment in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. The last one, On Stranger Tides, felt like a step too far, with mermaids filling the waters and the villain Blackbeard feeling far too serious in an otherwise goofy movie. Now, we have Academy Award winner Javier Bardem taking the role of a ghost captain who hates pirates and has a personal vendetta against Sparrow, to whom he is in search of. His villain returns from the dead to take revenge, which, if you remember, was basically the plot of the original film, where ghost Barbossa went after Sparrow. Dead Men Tell No Tales also promises ghost sharks and what I can only guess will be one of the offspring of Keira Knightley and Orlando Bloom’s characters from the originals. Promising to be “The Final Adventure,” I’m am certain the box office will be the decider of that.

Release Date: March 26, 2017
Directed By: Joachim Rønning & Espen Sandberg
Studio: Walt Disney


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