HHhH || Last year’s film Anthropoid looked at an operation with the goal being the assassination of Nazi leader Reinhard Heydrich in Prague during World War II, from the perspective of the men planning the operation. Now, HHhH, also known as The Man with the Iron Heart, steps into the world of Nazi leader Reinhard Heydrich, who is played by Jason Clarke, and his family including his wife, played by Rosamund Pike, during his rise to power. The man planning to kill him is played by Jack O’Connell and his girlfriend is played by Mia Wasikoska. It is based on French writer Laurent Binet’s novel of the same title. You can bet with The Weinstein Company behind it and the WWII subject matter this is easily a shoe-in for some early Oscar buzz.

Release Date: 2017
Directed By: Cédric Jimenez
Studio: The Weinstein Company

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