CARS 3 || Lightning McQueen (Owen Wilson) is hurt after a crash in the latest Cars movie, leading to a comeback story that is almost as uninteresting as when, in Cars 2, McQueen took on a James Bond sort of storyline that made absolutely no sense. This definitely feels like a franchise Disney + Pixar should just let go, due to serious lack in quality of the story. This time around, there’s some mud tracks involved, a trainer who is appears absolutely clueless and gets herself trapped on the beach that they are racing on, and as with every comeback story ever made, a truly superior new racer who is impossible to beat. Brian Fee, a storyboard artist from the first two films, steps into the directors chair, with Bonnie Hunt and Larry The Cable Guy reprising their roles with most of the main cast. Armie Hammer joins the voice cast as McQueen’s rival Jackson Storm and Cristela Alonzo joins as McQueen’s trainer, Cruz Ramirez.

Release Date: June 16, 2017
Directed By: Brian Fee
Studio: Disney + Pixar

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