BAYWATCH || Following in the footsteps of comedies like 21 Jump Street and this year’s CHiPs, which took old existing television series and gave them a comedic new twist, Baywatch takes the David Hasselhoff/Pamela Anderson beach drama and turns into Dwayne Johnson/Zac Efron joint, where Emerald Bay’s lifeguards are not just there to look good and save drowning civilians, they are also involved in seeking out drug dealers and going “undercover.”

The Red-Band trailer delves into the team and their antics more this time around. Whereas the first trailer spelt out what the team would be dealing with, in the form of Victoria Leeds (Priyanka Chopra), moving into the bay as a club owner as drugs and murder begin to become a prevalent part of the beach. In the Red-Band, Mitch (Johnson) is determined to find some evidence that there is some “bad shit” going on. The actual cops do not seem to be doing anything and Mitch’s team, including Summer (Alexandra Daddario), CJ (Kelly Rohrbach), Stephanie (Ilfenesh Hadera), and Ronnie (Jon Bass). The real comedy, however, comes from Brody (Efron), the reluctant member of the team that apparently wasn’t sure what he was signing up for. Despite trying to talk Mitch out of several things, it looks like he still ends up having to dress in drag and look for needle marks in the taint of a dead councilman.

With plenty of action, including jet-ski jumps, boat explosions, and Johnson shooting a cannon at a helicopter, plus a decent supply of dirty jokes should make Baywatch one of the more tolerable R-Rated comedies of the summer. The only real thing missing that original Baywatch fans would probably kill for, especially with the incredible beautiful women cast in the film, would be some nudity. Horrible Bosses director Seth Gordon takes the helm.

Release Date: May 25, 2017
Directed By: Seth Gordon
Studio: Paramount Pictures

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