THE HOUSE || Will Ferrell has fully embraced his place as a comedic dad, with a sequel to Daddy’s Home on its way and now with The House, where he and Amy Poehler play parents of a teenager that is getting ready to go off to college. Making an agreement to pay for their child’s college tuition, when she gets accepted to Berkley, they are hard-pressed for the money. In an attempt to make some quick money and through the guidance of their dimwitted friend, Frank, played by the comedic genius Jason Mantzoukas (The League), who has a gambling problem, they open up their very own backroom casino. From there, you get the old fish-out-of-water, out of their depths comedy much the same vein as Fun With Dick And Jane, which saw Jim Carey and Téa Leoni turning from Suburban parents to bank robbers in order to get out of debt.

The Red-Band trailer has plenty of decent moments, including Ferrell’s signature awkwardness as he and Poehler discuss what they will be doing now that their “bird is leaving the nest,” which includes “getting a passport” so Ferrell can take her to “F***town,” all of this being discussed out in open at their daughter’s graduation party. The highlight of the trailer, as was with the Green-Band is the man they find cheating in their casino. As they tie him up in a backroom and he berates them, asking them what they’re actually going to do, the three leads fumble over a hatchet knife that then accidentally cuts off the guys finger (played by Steve Zissis). Moments like Ferrell trying to stop the bleeding with a Croc sandal and Mantzoukas trying to finish his intimidating warning to the man, while trying not to throw up, is likely what this film will be filled with.

Release Date: June 30, 2017
Directed By: Andrew Jay Cohen
Studio: Warner Bros. Pictures

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