SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING || Not that we needed anymore insight as to what to expect from Marvel’s foray back into the lore of the Spider-Man world, as the second trailer gave most of the plot structure of the film away, but the new international trailer goes into a even more detail, this time about the Falcon, played by Michael Keaton, who plays the member of a clean-up crew that as been stockpiling wreckage from Avengers fights and making his own weaponry. When Spider-Man comes across this, he tries to stop him, despite being warned by Tony Stark to leave it to the professionals. Eventually Stark takes back his suit and Peter Parker goes it alone. Although it does give away way more of the plot and even gives the reasoning behind most of the fights between Spider-Man and The Falcon, my spirits were lifted in regards to how darkly toned the film seems with the addition of Keaton, and how it translate to the world already set up by the MCU, with Jon Favreau playing a much larger role as well.

Release Date: July 7, 2017
Directed By: Jon Watts
Studio: Marvel / Sony Pictures

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