ANNABELLE: CREATION || Heading into prequel-land, Annabelle: Creation sets out to inform an uncaring audience where the Annabelle doll of The Conjuring series got its origin. Coming off last week, where it was announced that the Crooked Man of The Conjuring 2 would also be getting a spin-off film, you really just have to wonder why Hollywood cannot continue streaks like Get Out and Don’t Breathe as far as original horror/thriller concepts go, which both ended up being hugely successful. Now, instead, we get yet another haunted doll, haunted house, haunted girls scenario set in a period with a well in play… cough cough The Ring cough cough. It also looks like, just as with the Ouija prequel, they abandon the board all together by the second half of the film, this film too will likely abandon the doll for the most part, transferring the spirit of whatever is in the doll into a young, handicapped girl at some point. I cannot say I’m looking forward to this one and hope dearly that the legal issues of The Conjuring series get put to bed so we can continue that part of the franchise instead.

Release Date: August 11, 2017
Directed By: David F. Sandberg
Studio: Warner Bros. Pictures

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