November 8, 1960– June 27, 2017 (age 56)
Cause of Death: Lung cancer

Michael Nyqvist was a Swedish actor who got his start in Stockholm. He would not reach the American audiences until after his performance in the 2009 Swedish version of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and the films (The Girl Who Played with Fire and The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest) and television series (Millenium) that followed, playing the male lead, Mikael Blomkvist. He would then go on to mostly play villains in American films, like Abduction, where he was a Serbian terrorist, Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, where he was a Swedish-born Russian nuclear strategist, who seeks to start a nuclear war between the U.S. and Russia, and John Wick, where he was a New York Russian mob boss who is forced to protect his son from a legendary hit man, and he played all of these roles perfectly. Although most of his career was in Sweden, the few roles in America that he did have will live on as some of the best villainy work in the history of film.


1987 Jim och piraterna Blom n/a
1996 Jerusalem Carpenter 1
1996 Sånt är livet Kalle Andersson
1997 Tic Tac Restaurant owner
1998 Nightwalk (short)
The Man
1998 Waiting For The Tenor
1999 Breaking Out
2000 10:10 (short)
2000 Together
2000 Hjärta av sten
2001 Hr. Boe & Co.’s Anxiety (short)  n/a
2001 Making Babies
2001 Home Sweet Home
2002 The Guy In The Grave Next Door
Benny Söderström
2002 We Can Be Heroes!
2003 Classmates (short)
2003 Slim Susie
Mörka Rösten
2003 Details Erik
2004 London Voodoo
2004 Day And Night
2004 As It Is In Heaven
Daniel Daréus
2005 Skuggvärld (short) Henrik
2005 Next Door Åke
2005 Mother Of Mine
Hjalmar Jönsson – isä Ruotsissa
2005 Bang Bang Orangutang
Sven Blomberg
2006 Search
2006 White Man’s Blues (short)
2006 Suddenly Lasse
2007 Elias and the Royal Yacht Joviale (Swedish version, voice)
2007 The Black Pimpernel Harald Edelstam
2007 Arn: The Knight Templar
Magnus Folkesson
2008 The Kautokeino Rebellion Lars Levi Laestadius
2008 Downloading Nancy
2008 Iskariot Masen
2009 The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Mikael Blomkvist
2009 The Girl Who Played with Fire Mikael Blomkvist
2009 The Wedding Photographer Stage actor
2009 The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest Mikael Blomkvist
2010 The Woman Who Dreamed of a Man Jonah
2010 Among Us
2011 Abduction Kozlow
2011 Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol
2012 Disconnect Stephen Schumacher
2013 Europa Report
Andrei Blok
2013 The Girls Of Nagasaki
Father Lars
2014 Days And Nights
2014 Paris Follies
2014 My So-Called Father Martin
2014 John Wick
Viggo Tarasov
2015 The Girl King
Chancellor Axel Oxenstierna
2015 The Colony
Paul Schäfer
2015 The Girl In The Book
2016 Frank & Lola
2016 A Serious Game
2016 I.T. Henrick
2017 Du forsvinder Bernard Berman
2017 Radegund Bishop Joseph Fliessen
2017 Hunter Killer
Captain Sergi Andropoyov
2018 Kursk n/a


1982 Kamraterna The Model Television movie
1990 Pass n/a Television movie
1992 Kvällspressen Konkurrentjournalist Episode: “Carolamannen”
1994 Döda danskar räknas inte Henrik Television mini-series
1995 Anmäld försvunnen Ronny Episode #1.9
1996 Zonen Militärpolis Episode: “Del 3”
1997 Emma åklagare Anders Häger Episode: “Pappas pojke”
1997-1998 Beck John Banck 7 Episodes
1998 OP7 Jonah Episode: “Nöden har ingen lag”
1998 S:t Mikael: Traumaenheten Svante Nyhlén 2 Episodes
1998 Personkrets 3:1 Karl-Erik Television movie
1999 På sista versen Raymond Television movie
1999 En dag i taget Henrik Boström Episode: “Panikångest”
2000 Judith Niklas Wide 2 Episodes
2000 Brott§våg Michael Heymer Episode: “Thors requiem”
2001 Bekännelsen Thorn Television movie
2001 Skuggpojkarna Christoffer Television movie
2001 Reuter & Skoog n/a 2 Episodes
2002 Den 5:e kvinnan Bo Runfeldt Television mini-series
2002 Oliver Twist
Fagerlund 6 Episodes
2004 The Bet
Are Sterner Television mini-series
2004 ABBA: Our Last Video Ever n/a Television short
2004 Om Stig Petrés hemlighet Stig Petré Television mini-series
2005 Skattejakten Are Sterner Episode: “Klosterøyas hemmelighet”
2005 Wallander Lothar Kraftzcyk Episode: “Mastermind”
2007 Nattsøsteren Tage Wolter
Television mini-series
2010 Kennedy’s Brain
Lars Hakansson Television movie
2010 Arn: The Knight Templar Magnus Folkesson Television mini-series
2010 Millenium Mikael Blomkvist Television mini-series
2011 The Man from Beijing Staffan Television movie
2013 Zero Hour
White Vincent 13 Episodes
2015 100 Code
Mikael Eklund 12 Episodes
2017 Madiba H.F. Verwoerd Television mini-series

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